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The ultimate sex symbol of the 90’s is without a doubt, Pamela Anderson. She basically paved the way when it comes to being unapologetically, and over the top, sexy. So in this day and age of desperate housewives hopelessly clinging to their plastic surgeons in hopes of finding the fountain of young in a needle or knife, who would have thought that 46-year old Pamela Anderson would choose to forego the anti-aging hype?

Pamela has opted to skip the Botox and plastic surgery and is still beautiful at 46:
Pamela Anderson 2014 Has Wrinkles

Not surprisingly, Pamela Anderson struggled a bit going from internationally known sex symbol to middle-aged soccer mom, but thankfully she decided against plastic surgery on her face. She did go through a period of time when she had her world-famous breast implants removed, but she missed them so much that she ended up having them replaced with even larger implants! I, for one, am glad that Pamela has the confidence to age naturally and doesn’t look like a frozen-faced, pillow-cheeked desperate housewife.

Pamela Anderson through the years:
pamela anderson thru the years plastic surgery

Even in her 40’s Pamela Anderson is still sporting her signature bleached blonde hair, smokey eye-makeup and cleavage-bearing tops, but the biggest change is her drastic haircut! Last year Pamela ditched the extensions and got an extremely short pixie cut. (Who would have ever thought that Pamela Anderson would have short hair!?) At first, Pamela hated the new ‘do, thinking that she “looked like Anderson Cooper or a Q-tip”, but now she loves the new look and feels empowered by it.

What do you think of Pamela Anderson’s most recent look? Love the short hair? Think she would benefit from a bit of Botox? Shocked that she has wrinkles? Let us know in the comments below!

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