Janice Dickinson Files Bankruptcy Over Plastic Surgery Debt


Self described as “the first supermodel” Janice Doreen Dickinson knows what it’s like to live the high life. In the 1970s and 1980s Janice was one of the most famous models around, although with age her popularity dwindled. Now she is best known for a face full of plastic surgery and a handful of guest appearances on reality shows like “America’s Next Top Model”.

Janice Dickinson then and now:

Janice is largely likeable because she went through so much adversity before becoming a famous model. Her own father told her she wouldn’t amount to anything because she looked like a boy, and dozens of modeling agencies turned her down. One even telling her she was: “much too ethnic. You’ll never work.” Despite all of this Janice went on to grace the covers of Vogue, Playboy, and Harper’s Bazaar—among many others. Even for this seemingly well-deserved model all good things must come to an end. But as any model dependent on her looks would do, as soon as the skin started to sag, Janice tried feverishly to turn back the clock.

Apparently she went a little overboard, accumulating over one million dollars of debt that she can’t afford to pay off. Recently California courts ruled her bankruptcy final, potentially leaving those that she owes money to SOL (you know, sh*t out of luck). Janice owes Beverly Hills dermatologist Arnold Klein $8,000 and she also owes the Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Center $8,000.

Janice DickinsonAt least Janice feels badly about it, telling the media: “I am upset and taking every step to pay everyone back and I feel terrible about it.” Her new boyfriend, Dr. Robert Gerner, is helping her do so. He reportedly gave her $10,000 to start paying off the $300,000 debt Janice accumulated with overdraft charges from City National Bank. This issue arose all the way back in 2011, and has since been argued down; Janice has now been ordered to pay City National Bank $100,000 in installments.

<--- Janice with her fiancé, Dr. Robert Gerner--thanks to him (and bankruptcy) she can start paying off her debt!It’s not just banks and plastic surgeons that Janice owes money to, she’s also forgotten to pay her taxes for the last 10 years and now owes $500,000 in back taxes! I’ve never heard of bankruptcy getting anyone out of their taxes—so Janice better start working soon. Although the 59-year old ex-model doesn’t seem too hard-pressed for money, she clearly hasn’t backed off the Botox—which can cost around $5,000 per year to maintain. Her spending doesn’t stop there; Janice was photographed just the other week trotting off to the nail salon in what appears to be a new green dress and matching cap.

Janice celebrating her bankruptcy with shopping and beauty treatments:

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