Naya Rivera Flaunts Her Fake Butt Online Amid Career and Relationship Woes


Naya Rivera has certainly been creating a stir in the media lately, but unfortunately it’s been for all the wrong reasons! The 27-year old actress has become known for her role as cheerleader Santana Lopez on “Glee”, but lately it’s been all about her temper tantrums and over the top plastic surgery.

Big Sean recently broke off his engagement to Naya after couples counseling failed to quell her fiery temper and controlling ways. (But it seems like only yesterday that he was starring lovingly into her gigantic breast implants! Awwww! We were really pullin’ for these two!)

Big Sean and Naya in March:
naya rivera breast implants instagram picture

Now that Big Sean is out of the picture, Naya’s anger and insecurity has been directed at her Glee co-stars and producers. After a tiff between Lea Michael and Naya exploded on set, producers decided that they were tired of Naya’s diva behavior and rumor has it that she was fired from the show. No one is confirming or denying, but it’s doubtful that Naya will be invited back for season 6 of Glee, and it’s also been said that she has even been written out of the season 5 finale.

So with her career on the brink and her engagement to Big Sean in shambles, what is Naya Rivera up to now? Apparently she wants to show everyone her fake butt on Instagram (I think it’s like the new, “I’m going to Disneyland!”)!

Naya Rivera’s Instagram page has become her own personal shrine for her plastic surgery enhanced booty:

Like many an attention-whore before her, Naya can’t help but show off what the plastic surgeon gave her on her social media pages. It seems like the more trouble Naya gets into, the belfie (you know, “butt selfie”) count on her Instagram page goes up. Naya’s latest Instagram photo has people comparing her to Kim Kardashian, and there is a reason why…Both Kim and Naya have had butt augmentation plastic surgery!

Naya then and now:
naya rivera before and after butt implants

Clearly Naya likes the Kim Kardashian look, as not only is she copying the reality star’s style and makeup, but she is also having plastic surgery to mimic Kim’s famous curves. Next stop: sex tape!

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