Joan Collins Denies Having Plastic Surgery, To The Disgust Of Her Co-Stars


Joan Collins is an English actress and writer, scoring her first gig ever at only 9 years old in a production of A Doll’s House. She went on to become famous enough to be considered competition for Elizabeth Taylor, Collins even tried out for the role in Cleopatra which Taylor ended up earning. Today, Joan Collins has had a vast career and she can’t believe that she is nearly 80 years old. We just can’t believe how good she looks for her age, especially considering she denies ever having any plastic surgery at all (rolls eyes). She attributes her tight skin to wearing makeup—because anyone with wrinkles knows how well that works. Not just any makeup by the way, she calls lipstick her go-to youth enhancer.

30 year have passed in these photos of Joan, yet she is less wrinkled and has magically erased her under-eye bags:
JOan Collins before after plastic surgery

Joan might think she can fool her fans, but plastic surgeons are not buying it. When asked about the matter, they admit that most certainly Joan has had numerous cosmetic procedures over a period of time. Miami based surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer comments that Joan has had, “…multiple cosmetic procedures such as a facelift, browlift, and eyelid surgeries.” Another surgeon from Beverly Hills sees signs of Botox in the actress/author’s face, despite the fact she publicly calls the stuff “poison.” Technically Botox is ‘poison’ but it is still responsible for erasing wrinkles of the rich and famous—Joan likely included.


So why would Joan Collins assume the world doesn’t recognize a face full of cosmetic procedures when we see one? Things truly make no sense until you realize her lies might have to do with Joan making some extra money—in order to afford the surgery she denies having of course. An anti-aging cream called Cellex-C Age-less 15 Skin Signaling Serum has hired Joan to be their spokesperson. Not to mention, some of the books she has authored also promote how to look young naturally.

The skin on Joan’s face looks much younger than the skin on her chest, a clear sign of cosmetic procedures. 


Even her costars are fighting back against her apparent cosmetic surgery lies. 78 year old Judy Parfitt, star in the Midwife, claims there is no way that Joan Collins has never gone under the knife. “There is one woman, Joan Collins, who I’ve been to parties with, who’s had it done many times – but she totally denies it.” She goes on to call Collins “… a fool. An absolute idiot.” While Judy Parfitt is also adamant against plastic surgery, she actually looks like a naturally ageing woman who takes good care of her skin as her primary anti-aging technique.

Both women claim to be plastic surgery free… clearly Judy Parfitt (pictured at left) looks far more natural than Joan Collins (pictured at right).

So what do you think? Is Joan Collins magically aging in reverse, or is she a liar that’s clearly gone under the knife?

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  • avatar Cat says:

    I disagree, having seen her in HD on the shopping channel, she had wrinkles and especially on her neck. She has NEVER exposed her face to the sun which is why the facial skin looks younger than that on the chest. Speaking of her chest – my boobs look like that too if they are pushed up enough. Joan colours her hair and that’s as far as she goes, the difference between her and Judy is skin colouring and make-up, if you compare wrinkles and bags they are about the same. I am 43 and have no wrinkles at all, no bags etc because I don’t sunbathe – I used a sunblock on my face if my make up doesn’t have an SPF. It’s a shame when people will take a beautiful woman with excellent bone structure and who works hard at empowering other women and accuses her of being ‘a fool and an idiot’ – far from it. I think Judy (who?) might be jealous. If you want further proof, Joan did a music video a few years ago looking her age with different make-up, she’s very good at make-up. The photo shown is not clear and is very ‘bleached’ which shows no facial distinction, even the second is not a good pic but look at the difference between them.

    I think she is fabulous and a wonderful inspiration – I certainly don’t think she has lied, she is honest enough to admit it!

  • avatar Eve Parker says:

    No disrespect to Ms Parfitt, but in my opinion Miss Collins looks amazing for her age.Her hair is clearly a wig, and her makeup is quite heavy, but in a glamorous, feminine way.Pasty,sagging skin and stained teeth may be natural, but they don’t look at all appealing. Just because a woman grows older, it doesn’t mean she has to give up on presenting herself to her best advantage. Also, the fact that Ms P. is so disparaging about another woman’s looks, suggests to me someone who is not happy with herself. Miss Collins is also an old style Hollywood star, who would be severely criticized in the media if she appeared anything less than perfectly groomed, something that Ms Parfitt obviously need not concern herself about.

  • avatar MichelleQ says:

    Joan was certainly born beautiful, so she has good genes on her side, but there is just no way that someone’s face can look tighter naturally, after 30 years of aging. You would have to be crazy to think that she’s never had any plastic surgery! She looks great regardless, but at least fess up to it

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