Nicole Kidman’s New Face Is Almost As Bad As The Reviews For Her New Movie


Just when you think Nicole Kidman has righted her plastic surgery wrongs, she pops up looking even more bizarre than before. Case in point, Nicole Kidman and her new face at the Cannes Film Festival, yesterday.

Nicole Kidman at the Cannes Film Festival on May 14th, 2014:
nicole kidman pillow cheek implants plastic surgery 2014

The 46-year old actress was at Cannes to promote and support her latest film, “Grace of Monaco”, which opened the Cannes Film Festival to dismal reviews. Receiving equally bad reviews at Cannes is Nicole Kidman’s face. While she looked glamorous and pristine in the “Grace of Monaco” movie, apparently the actress has since had a little (too much) work done and looks totally unnatural and bizarre. So what is behind Nicole’s new look and where did she, and her plastic surgeon, go wrong? Well, we here at Famous Plastic know and would like to address it with this public service announcement to Nicole and all of those other rich aging women out there:

Stop injecting shit into your face to plump it! It does not give you a youthful appearance! The supple cheeks of a newborn baby do not look good on a middle aged woman and it doesn’t make you look young and beautiful! It makes you look crazy and weird!

Seriously folks, stop with the stupid cheek filler injections. It didn’t work for Madonna, it didn’t work for Kim Novak and it doesn’t work for Nicole Kidman. (Or, Courtney Cox. Or, Jenny McCarthy, or any of those other woman that have surgically plumped “pillow faces“.

Nicole Kidman then and now:
nicole kidman cheek plastic surgery wtf

If you believe Nicole Kidman, her beauty routine consists of sunscreen and healthy foods and she would never consider going under the knife, but clearly Nicole is a closet lover (and over-user) of plastic surgery. As a matter of fact, these new “pillow cheeks” that Nicole is sporting is just the latest in a long list of cosmetic surgery procedures that she has undergone over the years, those of which include: a lip augmentation, Botox, rhinoplasty and breast implants.

Nicole has denied her obvious use of plastic surgery numerous times:Nicole Kidman plastic surgery denial

What do you think of Nicole Kidman’s new look at Cannes? Too little too late, or too much too soon?


  • avatar Den says:

    I think she actually looks good!

  • avatar Kat A says:

    What about her fake pregnancy!? There’s no way she was pregnant with Sunday Rose. Fake, fake, fake!

  • avatar zz says:

    is it me or she looked like a female version of Tom Cruise before? she should stop doing such things …smh

  • avatar vida says:

    OMG! – check out Nicole Kidman’s overly botoxed upper lip and botched nose job – lumps and indents, and nostrils skewed in different directions – in the new film Grace of Monaco, uggh! she tries to distance herself from the film and says she had no say over the creative process – does that include being filmed in close-up or underneath the nose?

  • avatar jordan says:

    I am sad Nicole didn’t stay how she was….I watch her now and it’s just annoying….her jaw and chin are not her and the nose is different then the teeth….oh….I like her gummy smile not those long teeth….her face shape is so different now….I just miss Nicole ….I don’t recognize her anymore

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