5 Freakiest Plastic Surgery Procedures, Ever!


1. Elf Ear Surgery

“The elegance of the elf ear is something I adore a lot.” Says 23-old Canadian model, Melynda Moon. And so in August of 2011, she underwent surgery to get elf ears of her own, a tribute to all of the Hobbits out there. Not surprisingly, Moon is a big fan of “The Legend of Zelda,” fairies and pixies too. So how do surgeons turn human ears into elf ears? They cut your ear open and take out a triangular piece of cartilage before sewing it together with its new shape.  According to Moon’s YouTube video in which she details her procedure, it doesn’t sound too fun—she makes references to wanting to drag her ear straight across the carpet the itching and irritation was so bad.


2. Fake Testicle Implants For Dogs

Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two, or maybe one hundred, about implants. So of course her beloved dog Rocky got a pair of implants all his own. Fake testicles for dogs are apparently real, and according to some are necessities! It is argued that after a dog is neutered he knows a part of his manhood is gone. This can cause him to act differently, maybe even depressed or unsocial. To prevent this, some people (including Kim Kardashian) believe that you can trick your dog into thinking his testicles are still intact by adding testicular implants during neutering.


3. Toe shortening

Want to look better in your heels? Just opt for toe shortening, or any other wacky foot procedure women are undergoing these days all in the name of shoes. Some women are having their feet injected with things to reduce the pain felt when walking in heels. Other women get Botox on the bottom of their feet to stop feet from sweating in their shoes. Yet, perhaps the craziest are those willing to have a portion of their toe severed. If your second toe is bigger than your thumb-toe, it is said you are a leader. Apparently some women don’t care, they just want their second toe made shorter—toe shortening it is! The procedure includes sawing around 2-millimetters of bone off, then inserting a titanium rod to re-attach the toe back together.  My first thought: if your toe shape changes, your weight distribution is going to change, causing who knows what problems to arise!


4. Dimpleplasty– Surgically Enhanced Dimples!

Have you ever noticed that Grandparents are really obsessed with dimples? That’s because dimples were coveted big time back in the 1950s, when the idea for ‘dimpleplasty’ was first used. Since then, several methods for the procedure have been identified. The only thing that seems sort of odd is that the dimples appear to be always present, but natural dimples only appear when you smile.


5. Change Your Palm Lines With Surgery

Changing the lines on ones’ palms is increasing in popularity with none other than major palmistry believers. They believe by changing the lines on their hands, they can change their fortune. Apparently, the procedure is simple, taking 10-15 minutes to create the new lines. It’s the healing process that takes months. The weirdest part is that after everything has healed, the new palm lines look like scars and not authentic hand lines. At least the procedure only costs around a reported $1,000!


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  • avatar Claire K. Davis says:

    That is truly a weird list. And the first one really shcked me. Because I have natural elf like ears, Though not as long as the one Melynda got, my ears have a small growth. To know that people are undergrowing plastic surgery to get ears like mine was a surprise.
    A friend of mine keeps on telling about getting a dimpleplasty and I don’t if she still want that after I show her this. But then maybe with better cosmetic surgeons the result will be better. The one shown here looks like her face has been drilled.

  • avatar Tokyo Gaijin says:

    I’d get elf ears if they had a better result than shown here. I don’t like how hers turned out.

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