Illegal & Deadly Butt Shots: My Strange Addiction


Vanity Wonder can’t tell you about Wonder bras, but she can tell you about her wonder booty—no really, this thing is huge! The 30-year old woman won’t be making it any bigger though. After spending $15,000 on black market injections, Wonder has given up her addiction. Some sources say this decision arose because butt injections almost killed her. Other sources quote Wonder saying she stopped getting the butt injections because she nearly went to jail for it, and she couldn’t imagine her sons carrying on without her. Either way, Wonder has now written a book called “Shot Girls” in which she tries to actively spread awareness about the dangers of black market injections.

Vanity Wonder after butt injections:
bigbooty(…And if you think that’s shocking, you should see what Vanity looked like before!

It doesn’t seem like any book will stop Detroit resident, Karmello, from getting her butt injections. This 23-year-old woman is profiled alongside Wonder on TLC’s show, My Strange Addiction. Karmello takes risks to keep her booty growing bigger. She regularly meets strange and un-credentialed people in random hotel rooms, and allows them to inject unknown substances into her body. Karmello doesn’t care, she’s just proud of the 3 dress sizes she’s been able to increase thanks to all of the injections over the last 3 years. If you’ve never seen TLC’s My Strange Addiction, it’s a show that profiles all types of addicts, from people who dress up as babies, to those who sniff gasoline.  The show always forces the addicts to go to a doctor to ensure they are not developing any underlying health complications because of their addiction. When Karmello goes to the doctor, her x-rays reveal an odd material that looks spongy swimming throughout her body. The doctor warns Karmello that one more injection could be all it takes to end her life.

Karmello shows off her booty made of deadly silicone.

Karmello and Wonder are not the only women familiar with black market injections, although they are among the lucky ones, simply because they are still alive. You may not hear about it often, but deaths from black market injections have been reported in Mississippi, New York, Florida, Nevada, and many other locations. In one California case, a woman went to her doctor after getting illegal butt injections and then experiencing hard, painful nodules. Her doctor informed her of the horrifying truth: she was being injected with silicone that could be purchased at a hardware store.

Morris Garner was once a man, and then he became a woman. Throughout the transition, Morris also decided to become an uncertified “doctor” and inject women with counterfeit silicone, among other harmful substances. Many of the women Garner injected ended up dying. Karima Gordon was one of these women; she died only days after being injected by Garner. When Gordon was opened up for her autopsy, silicone spilt out everywhere onto the table and floor. The excessive amount of dirt-cheap silicone had caused Gordon to form blood clots in her lungs and die. No big booty is worth it for that.


A big butt looks sexy, but no one looks sexy when they are dead. Stay safe out there!

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  • avatar Cat says:

    When did looking like a freak become sexy? These massive fake butts just look ridiculous and they make the women look as though they couldn’t string a sentence together even with the help of prompt cards

    • avatar MichelleQ says:

      Sounds like stringing a sentence together is the least of these woman’s problems…Death and silicon spilling out onto an autopsy table? Ack! I guess it’s worth it if some random dude thinks you’re “sexy”? So sad.

  • avatar Tokyo Gaijin says:

    I don’t advocate it, but if she wanted it that badly why didn’t she save the $15,000 to pay for a legit surgery at once?
    Was she in that much of a hurry to look deformed?
    If she’d gone to a real doctor, chances are it would have looked/felt better.

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