Breast Implants No Longer The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery!


According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2013 men and women underwent 11.4 million cosmetic procedures. While a lot of those procedures can likely be linked to Joan Rivers, these numbers indicate that more people are getting plastic surgery than they have in years. 83.5% of all cosmetic procedures performed last year were nonsurgical, think Botox injections and laser hair removal. That means only 16.5% of procedures required going under the knife.


So what was the most popular surgical procedure of 2013? Liposuction takes the cake, with 363,912 people getting the fat literally sucked out of them. Last year liposuction even beat out always-popular breast implants—maybe because so many people already have those 😉

Despite what liposuction did to Tara Reid and Courtney Love’s stomachs, Americans are getting a lot of liposuction lately! 


Butt implants were clearly on the rise last year, right alongside big booty celebrities like Nikki Minaj and Kim Kardashian.  58% more people got butt implants last year than ever before. Even more impressive, those interested in the procedure increased by 100%! If you’re thinking about getting your bottom enlarged, buttock augmentation is apparently well-worth the ‘pain in the a**.’ 94% of people who underwent surgery to enhance their bum in 2013 rate the procedure as ‘worth it’.


Another surgery on the rise is labiaplastiy. What is labiaplasty? Oh, you know just changing the shape or size of your lady parts. This procedure costs around $10,000, give or take a few thousand, and literally includes surgically removing parts of your labia. As it sounds, the procedure is terribly painful. 44% more women (very brave women, might I add) underwent the procedure last year than ever before. From this group of women, 85% say all of the pain was worth it and they are happy with their new labia. I think I’m more curious about the 15% of women that are not happy with their results. I can only imagine how much might go wrong…

What procedure did you fantasize about getting most last year? Are you still dreaming of the same procedure today? 

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