Is Beyonce a Natural Beauty or Plastic Perfection?


Rumor has it that, when it comes to her stunning looks and perfect body, Beyonce is faker than a 3 dollar bill. If you believe the gossip websites and tabloids Beyonce has had everything done: from her nose and her lips, to her boobs and her hips. Apparently Beyonce also has butt implants, got a facelift, she lightens her skin and she even photoshops her own Instagram pictures to appear slimmer. We are all for speculation and analyzing photos of celebrities then and now, but when so many people just flat out make up things up, it starts to get a bit ridiculous. I mean, come on, if you’re going to gossip about stuff, at least gossip about something that might be true? 😉

Beyonce then and now:
beyonce natural beauty plastic surgery

After seeing some recent pictures of Beyonce looking a little facially stiff at a basketball game, we delved into the archives to compare pictures of Beyonce through the years to see if she’s dipping into the Botox. After pouring through pictures of Beyonce, from her high school years to now, clearly Beyonce was born beautiful and she has great genes to thank for her pretty face and perfect smile.

Beyonce at her high school prom in 1999beyonce high school prom

Check out the picture above of Beyonce at her high school prom. Can you look at that picture and tell me that you really think Beyonce has had a nose job, lip injections, cheek implants and a facelift? She looks exactly the same! As for that envious body of Beyonce’s, that’s all hard work and dedication. In addition to her powerful voice, Beyonce is also well-known for her dancing. And to pull off the difficult moves and rigorous routines she performs, that takes numerous hours of practice, which will leave anyones body in tip-top shape.

Beyonce gettin’ down as only Queen Bey can:

So if you ask us, Beyonce is one of the lucky few that is not only talented, but apparently she also won the gene lottery and those good looks are all natural. What do you think? Is 32-year old Beyonce truly a natural beauty or does she have the worlds best plastic surgeon on hand?

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  • avatar Cat says:

    I agree, she looks exactly the same in all those photos, totally natural and beautiful. Good for her, she’s a great role model

  • avatar Tokyo Gaijin says:

    She looks the same, including her skin tone.

    If anything, she’s gotten a Brazilian butt lift, because as much as it’s been lauded, her backside is not as flat as it was, but more shapely. I could see doing lipo on her thighs (she’s always had thick ones and they look rather skinny now by comparison to a while back) and midsection and repurposing it. Maybe a bit on her nose too, but the general shape is the same. Maybe not. But if she has, then she obviously (and her doctor) knows what subtlety is.

    As far as her looks in general, she looks exactly the same and is very pretty without makeup.

  • avatar j says:

    As if beyonce didnt have a nose job! Its half the width it used to be in the 90s. I notice the recent pics this site posted are from a totally different angle. If you look at recent pics from the same angle as old pics you see the difference immediately.
    Oh and the hard work and dedication to keep her body in shape is BS, everyone knows she had a surrogate and faked the pregnancy. You could see the fake bump through the coverups and the fake padded ‘baby bump’ collapsed on tv!!
    Sites like this shouldnt post lies to make their readers feel disappointed if they dont have a perfect features like beyonce when its blatantly evident that they arent au natural at all!

    • avatar Welp! says:

      You’re mad af!
      This site is like a plastic surgery tabloid – what do you expect?
      Obviously this site is not for you. Bye, Felicia.

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