Robin Wright Unafraid To Turn Down Hollywood and Wants to Keep Her Wrinkles


robinwrightawardThe Netflix original series House of Cards almost had to cast a different actress to play Claire Underwood. Robin Wright stands firm when it comes to her beliefs, and original proposals for the show did not sound favorable to the 48-year old long-time actress. Admittedly she says, “I’m not up there with Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts. I don’t sell tickets. I’ve known that for a long time.” Lucky for her, producers of House of Cards still wanted her bad enough to make some deals. Now, after wining awards for her character Claire Underwood, Wright might be able to sell more tickets than ever before.

House of Cards rocketed Wright into the spotlight, but the show wasn’t her first rodeo by any means. Back in 1987, Wright played Princess Buttercup in the movie Princess Bride. As her first feature film, she was ecstatic but also incredibly nervous. Looking back, she recalls hardly acting at all, but instead just trying not to look bad in front of all the amazing actors and actresses on set with her. You may also remember Wright from the classic movie Forest Gump.

Her biggest competition back in the day was Molly Ringwald, who beat her out for a number of roles. Today, both actresses are in their forties and rocking it on the red carpet. Although it was a close call for Wright, when she nearly missed her opportunity to get back in on the media glitz and glamour. She debated turning down playing the wife of Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) on House of Cards—in fact she was almost positive she wouldn’t take the role.

That’s because the role of Claire Underwood originally began as a less active character, and Wright has no interest in playing “arm candy.” If she’s going to play a role, she wants to work at it and develop as a character before the audiences’ eyes. Another problem with the role was the pressure to undergo a face-lift in preparation for the part. She told Town & Country, “I was sitting there going, ‘You’re 45, and you’re not gonna get a face-lift. And I was really considering that stuff, because in Hollywood the pressure’s there… And I was like, ‘I don’t want to do that. I’m going to get older. I’m going to have wrinkles!’”


In order to have Wright on set, David Fincher, director of House of Cards, agreed to all of Wright’s conditions. He’s sure glad he did. Not only does Robin Wright play an incredible Claire Underwood, but she also helped create the character the world has grown to love.


Being famous is clearly not Wright’s number one priority; being out of the spotlight doesn’t bother her one bit. According to her, “Hollywood is difficult to navigate if you have integrity.” In order to keep her integrity, Wright doesn’t take just any role. In fact, for a long time she faded out of the spotlight completely. Choosing to focus on raising her family instead of being the ‘it’ actress in Hollywood. As opposed to playing a pointless role, Wright says she’d rather do a “menial labor job, where I can actually get my hands dirty.”

You’ve got to admire the woman for her confidence to turn down big time roles in honor of her own morals. Wright is also brave enough to rock the wrinkles on the red carpet, which you can see (just barely) in the photo below. Good thing she’s talented enough to talk the ‘no-lines’ minds of Hollywood into giving her ‘natural’ look a chance. You go girl!




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