Kesha is Out Of Rehab, Still Looks Anorexic?


Earlier this year, Kesha went to rehab in hopes of curing her eating disorder. If there’s one thing Kesha didn’t gain in rehab, it’s weight. So did her time at Timberline Knolls, an all women rehab facility near Chicago, really pay off? Well for starters, her name is now Kesha—no dollar sign. And while she still looks skinny as ever, friends and family say she has made big improvements since returning home. Her mother, Pebe Sebert, has said her daughter’s condition before rehab was so bad she’s lucky Kesha is still alive.

Kesha before and after weight loss anorexia rehab

Kesha has never been big, except maybe by the crazy standards of Hollywood—and her producer, a man named Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke has taken a lot of blame for Kesha’s eating disorder ever since it went public he told Kesha she resembled “a f**king refrigerator.” Fans are furious, and they should be, no man should make a woman feel bad about her body. Still, cops are working to protect Dr. Luke, as fans fire off about killing him on his Twitter page. Perhaps Dr. Luke sees it as his job to tell Kesha to keep fit and lose weight, but his big mouth might lose him his job. Petitions with over 11,000 signatures are circulating trying to free Kesha from Dr. Luke’s management. Dr. Luke was the first to offer Kesha management after hearing a demo tape of hers back in 2005. He has also represented names such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

Kesha with her manager Dr. Evil, I mean Dr. Luke!! dr.lukeandkesha

In all photos of Kesha, she has thin arms and legs; the singer carries most of her weight in her mid-section. Regardless, she always looks gorgeous. Plus, she’s got a lot of accomplishments under her belt. The pop star has written hit songs for others in the industry, including Brittney Spears. She also has put out many number one hits herself. You’d think this would give any woman all of the confidence in the world, although Kesha said pre-rehab, “I’m a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I’ve found it hard to practice.” This was her reason for going to rehab, in order to re-learn how to love herself no matter what.

Kesha looked thin and unhappy before entering rehab for her eating disorder

Fans looked to her latest music video for Timber, featuring Pitbull and Kesha together, as a visual sign of her eating disorder. In the video Kesha looks much skinnier than ever before. Perhaps just as skinny as she was back in high school when Kesha appeared on The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie. Yes, she was one of the ‘simpletons’ that allowed the x-best friends to stay at her house and mock her simple way of life. Not so much anymore, Kesha is a full-blown celebrity, even able to hit up rehab whenever she wants. While she originally said she was going to be at rehab for 30 days, she ended up being there for 2 months.

Far left, that’s Kesha on Season 3 of the Simple Life  The-Simple-Life-Season-3-Episode-15-Wedding-Planners-ke-24ha-8123244-784-592

In March, Kesha made her first red carpet appearance since being away at rehab, and her fans were full of support and admiration. Kesha is in a great position to be an advocate for other women with body image issues, although you can’t help but think the singer doesn’t look much thicker post-rehab.

In a photo the singer published after returning home from rehab she wears a shirt that reads, “IMA SURVIVOR.”  Although her legs look questionably thin, something any woman concerned with body image is sure to notice.  Still, friends report that Kesha is doing great since rehab, and so long as she is happy and healthy…

Kesha before and after rehab:

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