Jessica Simpson Shows Off Extreme Weight Loss


The day Jessica Simpson lost a whole bunch of weight she simultaneously decided to get an Instagram account. Or so it seems, looking through her photos–a collection of selfies, throwbacks, and family affairs—there isn’t one trace of the fat Jessica Simpson the world became used to seeing back in 2012 and 2013.


Jessica Simpson was always super small back in the day, and then she got even slimmer to fit into those Daisy Dukes. Since then, Jessica has gone up and down in weight all over the place. Simpson admits her first pregnancy with her daughter, Maxwell, weighed the heaviest on her, during which time she claims she just ate and ate. Simpson says, “You are creating a life, and honestly, it’s not easy… And you deserve to eat your ice cream.” And eat her ice cream she sure did. In an interview with ABC News Simpson said, “Any woman, dealing with their body after pregnancy, you look at yourself and you’re like, ‘What just happened to me?'”

After giving birth in 2012 to her first child, Simpson became a spokesmodel for Weight Watchers. She took a break from the diet program after getting pregnant with her second child, Ace. This time around, she didn’t want to balloon in size again. So she says that she worked hard to stay active so that she wouldn’t eat all day instead. Once her son Ace was born in 2013, Simpson once again started back up with Weight Watchers.

And whatever she’s doing sure has helped. The mother of two has never looked quite as thin as she does now. In one of her most recent Instagram photos she looks extremely slim in a bathing suit. Keep scrolling through her official Instagram account and the skinny photos keep on coming.


She has every right to be proud of her body after losing 60-70 pounds recently. In February she told Good Morning America, “I was so insecure—I couldn’t even believe what I weighed, I don’t think that I ever expected myself to see the numbers that I have seen on the scale.” It took a lot of hard work and dedication, judging by Simpson’s muscular legs. While she looks really strong and fit in some pictures, in other shots she’s bordering gaunt.

Does anyone else hear wedding bells? Jessica might finally be thin enough for the wedding she can’t stop postponing. Will Simpson and her NFL fiancé, Eric Jonson, finally tie the knot? The next rumored destination is Santa Barbara California, next month durring July 4th weekend.

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  • avatar el says:

    yes, she is skinny, but she does not look good….I almost liked her more before the diet!

  • avatar AP says:

    You completely just contradicted yourself! Your last article was on how thin Kesha was and repeatedly questioned if it was health. Now you post a story about Jessica Simpson being thin and praising her for it! No wonder women have body issues. Basically there’s no acceptably way for us to look or if there is there’s only an acceptably way for CERTAIN people to look. Get it together and be consistent with you message! We are either all fat if we are over 115lbs or too skinny. Choose a side and stick to it.

    • avatar Becky says:

      Hey AP,

      To help clarify, my side is with health, whatever is healthy for a particular person. Kesha just got out of rehab so health is clearly a questionable matter. Simpson reached unhealthy weights after giving birth to her children– far surpassing the low hundreds. And so J Simpson seems to be healthier at her weight now–at least no reports say otherwise (yet). Although I did mention that in some photos she looks “gaunt” which I wouldn’t consider a compliment. It’s tough to be a woman, you’re right, body standards are completely unfair and almost impossible to pinpoint. It’s about feeling comfortable and healthy in your own skin, so long as you do who cares what anyone else has to say? 🙂

  • avatar MichelleQ says:

    Jessica Simpson needs to find a happy medium. Way to skinny now. Hopefully she’ll round out a bit. And find a more flattering swimsuit (and stop wearing heels with her bikini?)

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