Maitland Ward’s Shocking Transformation Since ‘Boy Meets World’


You may remember Maitland Ward from her role on 90’s hit show ‘Boy Meets World’, where she played Rachel McGuire, but you won’t believe what she looks like now! The 37-year old former actress popped up at the Long Beach Comic Con showing a ton of skin and showing off a totally reworked face and body, thanks to a bunch of plastic surgery.

Maitland Ward at Comic Con 2014:
maitland ward leloo comic con 2014

And while I have to say that a bunch of plastic surgery + uber slutty costume is kind of an embarrassing cry for attention, (especially in your late 30’s!) I have to say that Maitland did get a phenomenal nose job! When Maitland starred on “Boy Meets World” her nose was much broader and she obviously has undergone rhinoplasty surgery since than. And, while the change is drastic, her nose actually looks great! Sometimes, drastically changing a facial feature, especially your nose, can unbalance your other features and end up looking weird. The results of Maitland’s nose job came out great and we think her new nose fits in just perfectly with the rest of her features.

Maitland Ward before and after plastic surgery:
maitland ward nose job plastic surgery before and after

So what else has Maitland had done? Should we start at the most obvious and point out her breast implants? If you looks closely at her under-boob you can see that she’s suffering from capsular contracture with her left breast implant.

Maitland Ward suffering from a common side effect of breast implants:
maitland ward breast implants capsular contracture

In addition to the breast implants and nose job, Maitland has also had a lip augmentation and clearly uses Botox as well. Personally I’m not a big fan of the silly duck lips, but to each their own? I’m sure all of the nerds at Comic Con thought Maitland 3.0 looked hot in her sexy Leeloo costume. But the original Maitland Ward, the one that became a 90’s cult classic as Rachel McGuire, has been erased in a flurry of plastic surgery and her acting career seems to have been replaced with her new hobby of unpaid appearances wearing sexy costumes.

Maitland Ward then and now:
maitland ward plastic surgery before and after

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    Do you want to know what’s really embarrassing? That a self proclaimed writer doesn’t know the difference between then and than.

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