Lorde Speaks Out Over Photoshopped Photos


Lorde, the 17-year-old pop star made famous for her summertime smash hit “Royals,” is known around the world not only for her sultry vocals and catchy lyrics, but for her no-nonsense stance against Photoshop and digitally retouched photos, which she says creates an obsession with “unattainable perfection.” In a tweet to her 1.3 million followers, Lorde compared two photos of herself from the same Lollapalooza performance in Santiago, Chile – one airbrushed and one not. Lorde captioned the photos: “I find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. Remember flaws are ok :-)”

lorde before after photoshop twitter

This isn’t the first time Lourde has challenged the present-day notion of “perfection,” which has led so many female celebrities out there today to undergo bad plastic surgery for a smaller nose, bigger breasts or slimmer hips. In February, the New Zealand-born teen Instagrammed a makeup-free photo of herself for all the world to see, acne cream and all, captioning the photo: “In Paris with my acne cream on.” In a day and age where most teens would be humiliated beyond words if a photo of themselves wearing acne cream was posted online, you’ve got to give Lorde credit for embracing her own imperfections in such a public way.

Lorde without makeup and sporting her nightly zit cream:

Not only do we love Lorde because she is so obviously comfortable in her own skin, but we also love the fact that when she takes to task the idea of unnatural perfection, she indirectly makes people like Kim Kardashian look ridiculous when they, say, consider getting plastic surgery on their “wrinkly” 33-year-old hands. Just because Kim and the rest of the plastic Kardashian clan need all ten fingers and toes to count all the plastic surgery procedures they’ve undergone, doesn’t mean that should be considered normal.

Lorde before and after photoshop for her MAC campaign:
lorde mac makeup photoshop

There’s no question that even very young celebrities like Lorde have a powerful impact on the way people around the world, especially teenage girls, view themselves and each other, so when she challenges ridiculous practices that have somehow become the norm – like airbrushing cover models until they look completely inhuman – it feels like a win for everyone. Here’s to hoping Lorde sticks to her guns as an adult and never opts for a boob job or rhinoplasty!

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