Is The Trout Pout Worth it? Dermal Fillers Causing Blindness And Brain Damage.


If there was ever a reason not to get dermal fillers, permanent blindness and brain damage has got to be it, right? According to London-based plastic surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva, anti-wrinkle dermal fillers have been linked to at least 30 cases of vision loss and four cases of stroke in patients. These findings follow a previous report that tied the popular filler injections to permanent blindness in three patients, which is believed to occur when the injections block the supply of oxygen to the back of the eye.

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected under the skin to achieve a more youthful appearance, and, after Botox, are one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures for reducing wrinkles. Unfortunately, because dermal fillers are classified as implants rather than pharmaceutical drugs, they are not subject to the same federal safety regulations, which means they can be injected by just about anyone, regardless of their training. This is what often leads to the dreaded “trout pout,” characterized by over-inflated lips that have a ridiculous cartoonish appearance.

Are those extra pouty lips worth the risk of blindness and/or brain damage?
Jessica Simpson Trout Pout 2013

According to Dr. de Silva, “The problem comes when filler is accidentally injected into an artery. This can lead to necrosis, or death of the skin issue, and if they’re the arteries that supply oxygen to the back of the eye, this can lead to loss of vision.” But that’s not all, folks. “In a worst-case scenario, filler can even block oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in a stroke.” In addition to dozens of cases of blindness and spontaneous, permanent vision loss, filler injections have also been associated with four cases of stroke, in which an inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain cause tissue death and brain damage.

You’d think that if people knew about the potential health risks associated with dermal fillers, no one would get them. However, because of a major lack of regulatory oversight, many of the complications are under-reported, and so many plastic surgeons and patients remain unaware of the risks. In 2010, the dermal filler Novabel was removed from the market in the UK just seven months after it was approved, when patients began complaining of side effects like swelling and hard lumps forming beneath the skin. In 2012, the company behind the popular filler Restylane warned that another one of its products, Macrolane, which was designed to be used in breast augmentation procedures, should not be used because it could interfere with breast cancer diagnosis.

Famous faces before and after dermal fillers:

So, what you should take from this is that if the dreaded trout pout wasn’t reason enough to stay away from dermal fillers before, know that every time you get an injection, you’re putting yourself at risk for permanent blindness and brain damage too. Best of luck!

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