Blue Eyed Brazilian Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Korean


Plastic surgery can change your look entirely. Nowadays, you can change your face (and body) to look like Barbie, or a certain celebrity. Or you can do what Max (now known as Xiahn Nishi) did. Max underwent plastic surgery to make his face look Korean. Originally, the 25-year-old was a blonde hair, blue-eyed Brazilian. Now, if you passed Max on the street you wouldn’t even recognize him, or even his true race.


After studying as a foreign exchange student in South Korea at Dongseo University, Max decided he wanted to fit in with the locals more. So he sought out a way to change his look.  It took extensive searching to find a plastic surgeon willing to perform the face altering surgery, although persistence paid off and Max now officially goes by “Xiahn”.

Xiahn is only his Internet name, as he doesn’t want to bring any drama to his family or loved ones. He also goes by Oriental Gaucho and lists Korean soap operas as one of his favorite things to watch. No surprise considering Xiahn is trying to become Korean. Xiahn was amazed at how common plastic surgery is in Korea, where it is popular for men and women to have surgery on their eyes to look more Western. Xiahn decided to do the opposite, trading out his western looks for a Korean face.

Xiahn has undergone 10 procedures on his eyes, including having the inner corner of his eyes closed up, and being injected with acid to make his eyes look puffier. He also dyes his blonde hair brown and wears dark colored contacts to cover up his blue eyes. You might think all of Xiahn’s procedures cost a hefty sum of money, although in total Xiahn’s surgeries total around $3,100—sounds like a bargain for changing the look of your entire face.

Xiahn did some modeling about 10 years ago, and already he has been approached about modeling his new look in Korea. What do you think, does Xiahn look better before or after?

Xiahn/Max before and after plastic surgery to look Korean:

Aside from looks, does anyone else find it bizarre to have plastic surgery to visually change your race? It seems like this procedure should be reserved for bank robbers on the lam, or people that really hate their parents…



  • avatar nunya says:

    You guys would get more comments on this site if it were linked to yahoo, gmail, something! Nobody wants to enter in their email here and then do mulitiplication. 🙂

    Luv the site, though! Only good one around now that they took that other one down.

  • avatar MichelleQ says:

    Holy S$&*! He was hot as hell before the weird plastic surgery…to look asian?! Wow. Just wow.

  • avatar Tokyo Gaijin says:

    And if he wanted to be Korean, why add a Japanese name? (Nishi, which also means “West” – maybe for “Westener”?

  • avatar Lola says:

    He doesn’t even look asian

    More like the create a sim alien tbh

  • avatar yaya says:

    he looks like a ghost, in korean movie………

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