New Cosmetic Surgery Will Permanently Affix A Bra-Like Device To Your Ribcage. With Screws.


Ever wish you could get a bra permanently inserted under your skin so you would never have to wear one again? Well now you can! Sort of. Thanks to recent advancements in cosmetic surgery, you can now undergo a procedure to have silicone cups inserted under your breasts, so you can go au naturale without sacrificing the lift you get from a traditional bra. Called the Internal Bra, the plastic surgery procedure involves fixing a silicone sling or bracket under the breast tissue and, get this, anchoring the sling to the ribcage with fine silk straps and titanium screws. And you thought a strapless bra was uncomfortable…Yikes!

The basics of the Internal Bra:
invisible internal bra plastic surgery

Don’t get too excited about the idea of an invisible bra though. According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. V. Sudhakar Prasad, “In this procedure, the quantum of surgery is reduced, but that doesn’t rule out the side effects.” And because the Internal Bra is a brand-new procedure, the longevity of the procedure is what doctors are questioning. “In the case of silicon implants, it is embedded in an immobile zone. But here, the sling is placed underneath the breast, this is a mobile region, because we are constantly breathing. Due to this, there is constant movement against the sling and this could cause thinning of the skin over the years.”

Some believe there could be benefits to the Internal Bra though, which has become popular in the UK recently, especially when compared to breast augmentation surgery with silicon implants. The invisible bra procedure is minimally invasive, which means less scarring and less severe post-operative pain, and the sling only uses 50 mL of silicon, compared to a minimum of 300-350 mL of silicon for each individual breast implant, so the risk of silicon leakage is also reduced. But titanium screws?? That just sounds awful. According to plastic surgeon Dr. Murali Mohan, “The surgery could be tricky. The ribcage is not very strong and the titanium screws too could get loose over a period of time.”

In short, a promise of firmer breasts, a longer-lasting lift and minimal scarring may convince some women to take the bait and get themselves an internal push-up bra, but is the controversial procedure worth it? As always, there are concerns about introducing synthetic materials into the body, which could cause an inflammatory reaction or interfere with cancer diagnosis, when breast augmentation procedures that utilize biological tissues can be equally as effective. It should also be noted that, despite the name, the Internal Bra isn’t actually intended to replace a traditional bra, and patients who undergo the procedure still require external support. So close!


  • avatar Cat says:

    I’m pretty sure all they are doing is trying to find new ways to part the insecure and foolish from their money…this is wrong on so many levels. What happens if a screw gets loose and starts knocking around internal organs and bones? Very dangerous and equally pointless.

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