Nicole Kidman Got Her Wonky Breast Implants Fixed


Nicole Kidman has slowly made her way from being famous for her acting, to being famous for her bad plastic surgery, so it’s really no surprise that people are talking about her latest plastic surgery procedure, more than they care about her latest movie. But, can it be? Did Nicole Kidman finally get good plastic surgery?! After her recent appearance (in a low-cut gown) at Swisse Celebrate Life Ball in Australia, everyone is talking about Nicole’s bountiful bustline and wondering if she’s gotten breast implants. Well yes, obviously Nicole Kidman has breast implants, but the good news is that she has had the wonky breast implants she got in 2010 fixed!

Nicole Kidman before and after fixing her botched breast implants:
nicole kidman boob job implants fixed botched

Back in 2010, Nicole got her first set of breast implants and they ended up looking horrible. After walking the red carpet, in a dress that showcased her new implants (that looked like lopsided, orange halves shoved underneath her skin), Nicole apparently was alerted to the fact that her fake breasts looked ridiculous, because she immediately started covering them up…Until now! Nicole is back to wearing cleavage bearing gowns, and this time she is showing off her plastic surgeon’s best work.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball:
nicole kidman keith urban 2014

Nicole’s first set of breast implants were too round, too far apart and one was obviously higher than the other. She has since had another breast augmentation surgery and the results this time are much better and look more natural looking. Her newest set of implants are not as high profile (less round looking) and the gap between them is not nearly as wide as before. While she’s not exactly fooling anyone with her fake boobs, at least her breast implants look more like boobs and less like unidentified silicon objects, or chest tumors.

While we are scoring one for Nicole Kidman for finally having a successful cosmetic surgery (hopefully her new plastic surgeon can fix the rest of her botched plastic surgeries?!), we kind of wish that she would have never started with all of the weird plastic surgery to begin with. It certainly hasn’t furthered her career and Nicole Kidman at 46-years old is unrecognizable when compared to photos of her in her 20’s. And that’s just sad. Especially for someone who started out so naturally beautiful to begin with…

Nicole Kidman at age 23, before having plastic surgery:
nicole kidman before plastic surgery age 23 1990

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