Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Attempt to Fix Botched Plastic Surgery in New Reality Show


botched_promo_backdrop1920x1080You get plastic surgery because you are feeling insecure about a certain part of your body. Now imagine you go under the knife to seek these improvements only to end up with a botched plastic surgery job. Leaving you wishing you’d never gone under the knife in the first place.

After you have a bad plastic surgery experience, are you willing to go under the knife again, in attempts to fix the botch job? Many people are willing and ready to give it another go, some of which will be starring on the new E! Reality Show, Botched. The show will feature two of the most well known plastic surgeons around, husbands from The Real Housewives series, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. Both have also been on numerous plastic surgery shows in the past.

So what types of plastic surgery blunders are going to be aired on Botched? The official trailer for the show pictures both your neighbor next door and famous faces that need something fixed. One woman has an implant that is up side down, and another claims she went to get “nip-tucked and ended up getting nip-fu**!$” As for celebs you know, Janice Dickenson is supposed to make an appearance—one that should be thoroughly entertaining. According to Dr. Dubow, “…you’re going to get a real dose like I did, like we did, of Janice Dickenson…I had a couple of tough nights taking care of Janice Dickenson, I can tell you!” In other words,  Janice Dickenson needs help both inside and out–how will these doctors stand up to the  challenge? After blowing hundred of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, Janice Dickinson recently filed for bankruptcy and stiffed her plastic surgeon. I guess free plastic surgery in exchange for appearing on yet another reality show is exactly what she needs to get her plastic surgery fix?


It will be up to these two men to fix plastic surgery blunders considered “un-fixable.” And the great part is, we get to watch the whole thing unfold without taking any risks ourselves! Many people undergo plastic surgery every year; most are simply lucky that everything turns out good. It’s just as easy for the results to go badly. This is why everyone can relate to the possibility of a botched surgery. Even though cosmetic surgery is all about ‘plastic,’ I have a feeling this show is going to actually pull on your heartstrings some. If Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow can do great work, many people are going to get another chance to feel really good about their appearance.

Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow:

Botched will air June 24th on E! The show is like a train wreck, you simply can’t look away and my TV is already set to record 😉


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  • avatar Kimberly taylor says:

    I had inter leg lift it looks very bad I can’t tell it even.help

  • avatar Debbie Ayala says:

    I’ve had a tummy tuck but it doesn’t look like I’ve had anything done and I’ve also had liposuction that you cannot tell and I have two big bulges on either side and I was wondering if you could help me and I don’t have a lot of money to pay but I was wondering if you could help me I can pay something.please help me my husband makes fun of me all the time

  • avatar Justyna says:

    What I should say… Maybe that I wish that they will be another program for the people that want to change their life … Sometimes my imperfection make me feel unhappy …control my decisions … I wish I could have opportunity to change something for my self and feel better however that is impossible for now …

  • avatar Shawna Patitucci says:

    I have seen the miracle turnarounds you have made In so many lives. All I could ask for is a hope of a consiltation and maybe your help. I’ve had 2 c-sections,gastric bypass,4 biliary tract surgeries and abdominal hernia not much longer after that so needless to say my tummy is quite botched. I’m sure you get tons of requests like mine but if you have any time to consider my case please let me know there is so much more to tell!

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