Did Danity Kane Kill Off Dawn Richard and Replace Her With A Cyborg?


Have you seen Dawn Richard’s lately?! If so, chances are you did not recognize her because she now looks like this…

Dawn Richard then and now:
dawn richards danity kane plastic surgery

Dawn became famous in 2005 after winning a spot on P Diddy’s reality show “Making The Band 3”, in which Dawn and 4 other singers where groomed into the group now known as “Danity Kane”. But now, 30-year old Dawn is completely unrecognizable! Dawn’s face has changed so much in the passed year that there are only two viable explanations: Dawn Richard died and was replaced by a cyborg, or she has undergone a crazy amount of plastic surgery on her face. The change in Dawn’s face is so extreme that I bet her own family would be hard pressed to recognize her if they didn’t know she had plastic surgery!

Dawn Richard in 2012:
dawn richards 2012 before cosmetic surgery

The two most obvious procedures that Dawn has undergone are a nose job and a chin reduction, but it has been speculated that she’s had much more plastic surgery in order to change her look so drastically. In addition to the new face, Dawn Richard’s body seems to have changed as well. Back in the day she had a straight, athletic build and now she’s sporting a nipped in waist and curvy hips and butt.

Did Dawn Richards get a butt augmentation too?dawn richards fake butt hips booty shots

Dawn wouldn’t be the first member of Danity Kane to have excessive plastic surgery. Fellow bandmate Aubrey O’Day has also completely transformed her face and body over the years! Maybe Danity Kane is getting a group discount on plastic surgery?

What do you think of Dawn Richard’s new look? Hot or not? I’m of the opinion that plastic surgery to the point that you look like a totally different person is just too much…

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  • avatar Lola says:

    I thought she looked pretty cute before, but she really looks stunning now.

    Her doctor is a miracle worker. I dont blame her for having surgery – people online can be vicious with their comments, its no wonder she felt insecure (this is assumption- not fact)

    She really really looks beautiful !

  • avatar Yet says:

    She was pretty before, but pretty in a more typical Hollywood now. She already had a butt, but didn’t really have much of a waist/hips (just watched one of her videos last week).

    My only pet peeve with her (in the past) is that her hair game is more hit than miss. Maybe with this new face she’ll step it up?

    Not a fan of this teardrop nose shape so many people seem to go with, either. Too elvish.

  • avatar Welp! says:

    She had a butt before, though. She definitely got her waist done, which accentuates her behind more.

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