Tamara Ecclestone Already Lost That Baby Weight. Of Course She Did…


Worried about paying the bills? Or how about losing that baby weight? Tamara Ecclestone doesn’t share any of these normal worries; instead life continually gives her the easy route. Just months after giving birth to her daughter she is back out at the pool, with a body that contains no sign of a baby bump. If you saw her with her child you might assume she’s the aunt, or the hot nanny but definitely not the one who just gave birth.

Tamara, who lives in West London with her husband Jay Rutland, believes that society is unequal, but it isn’t her fault that she got one of the bigger slices of pie, and she wants everyone to stop blaming her for it. She can’t help it that her dad become rich in an unconventional way, and she’s tired of people putting her down to make themselves feel better. Or at least, that’s what she told the Evening Standard during her pregnancy.

Days later, the socialite posed for photographs topless to show off her pregnant belly. In photos her baby bump protrudes minimally, and the rest of her looks tiny as well. She admits that throughout her pregnancy she was still able to wear all of her rings and high heels too. She told reporters she never went to the maternity section. Instead she stuck to comfy pants with stretchy bands or simply went up one size larger than usual.

Pictured below: before, during, and only months after Tamara’s pregnancy–hardly a difference! 

Before getting pregnant, Tamara was jet setting all over the world on a quest for the permanent tan. Spending most of her time at the beach, paparazzi snapping dozens of photos of the socialite splashing around in her cute swimsuits; in Dubai one week and then Fuji the next. Only a few short months after giving birth to her baby, and Tamara is already back out sampling the beaches (and pools) of the world. This month in June she was enjoying herself at a hotel in Morocco, frolicking around the pool and pushing her baby stroller around the grounds, all while wearing a teeny-tiny bikini. It’s as if she never had a baby in that belly at all!

Judging by her body right now, only a few months post-baby, you can’t help but wonder how she fits in the time to go to the gym. After all, she’s incredibly busy with her day job… lying by the pool.

So did Tamara win the Game of Life lottery and is not only rich and beautiful, but also able to regain her pre-pregnancy shape almost immediately after giving birth? Or, is her remarkable post-pregnancy weight loss due to the helpful hand of a masterful plastic surgeon? She went under the knife before her pregnancy for those breast implants, so it’s not exactly out of the question…

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