Is Selena Gomez Getting Plastic Surgery To Keep Justin Beiber Interested?!


Surprise! Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez have rekindled their relationship. As we all know, Justin has been out getting into a lot of trouble in recent months. Meaning Selena undoubtedly has some trust issues to work out with the teen-pop sensation gone bad boy. Judging by recent pics of the two, she’s just as smitten for him as always. But that doesn’t mean she trusts him–would you?

Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber love birds again? 


Selena, who is currently 21, is so concerned about Justin, 20, developing a wandering eye that she’s now considering getting her breasts enlarged to keep his eyes on her prizes only. Selena is not flat chested at all and she may or may not look great with implants. We just hope if she does get implants she gets them because she really wants them, not because she’s trying to make Justin stick around. An insider close to Selena reports, “She feels like she needs to be the hottest girl in the world to keep his attention. She’s studied every girl that he hooked up with while they were broken up, at least the ones she knows about, and compared herself to them down to every last detail.” The major difference Selena has found between her and all of Bieber’s other leading (or shall we say fleeting) ladies is that she’s the only one with smaller breasts. At least that’s what a source reportedly told the media that she thinks.

Don’t mess with Selena’s man… or else! 


Then again, you can’t trust everything you hear; one of Bieber’s most recent ex-girlfriends, 18-year-old Yovanna Ventura, does not have very large breasts at all. Sure she’s got a lot of junk in her trunk, but that’s about where the extra cargo ends. For a living, Yovanna makes work out videos; perhaps it was one of these slightly revealing clips that caught Justin’s eye in the first place. Either way, their short-lived romance got her a zillion more followers on Instagram, and gave Selena someone new to obsess about.

Justin Beiber and his short-lived fling, Yovanna Ventura–she ain’t got nothing on Selena! 


What does Selena really need to be worried about? Doesn’t she realize she’s the only girl Justin continually comes back to? Like many women (and men) around the world, when Selena looks in the mirror she doesn’t see the beautiful young woman that everyone else does. Sources close to Selena have said the star is very insecure and has a long list of things she’d like to change about her already perfect appearance. One of these alterations just might include breast implants. Selena has reportedly been asking everyone she knows if she should get breast implants or not. Many think this has to do with her insecurities about Justin screwing around again.

Just this month good girl Selena was caught on tape doing cocaine with Justin Beiber, meaning he can probably get her to do just about anything. So will Selena really get breast implants in the near future? Something tells me Justin Beiber has the final say.

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