Rina Nanase Loves Plastic Surgery That Made Her Look Like Dobby The Elf


Once upon a time Rina Nanase had a sweet smile, and bright eyes. Today, Rina Nanase looks like Dobby the elf from Harry Potter due to some major facial surgeries she has recently undergone. Before you judge her harsh new look, let it be known that Rina is on the defense, and truly believes that she looks better now than she did before. Most of her fans (and haters) fail to agree, blowing up her Twitter account with harsh comments, unsure why she’d trade in her pretty face for elf-like features. Rina fights back, calling all of them jealous of her ability to alter her looks so much.

Pictured below: Rina’s dramatic transformation


The 25 year old model also goes by the name Rumi Kanda, but that’s only when she’s making adult films. Just like with her sexuality, Rina isn’t trying to hide anything when it comes to her plastic surgeries either. Then again, with such a dramatic transformation how could she?!

Before revealing her new look, Rina posted older photos of her from back when she was 17, highlighting her natural girl-next-door features. Only instead of recognizing her good looks, Rina captions the photos with things like “beady eyes” and “I look fat.” It seems these very same insecurities drove her over the edge with her latest string of surgeries.


The photos of Rina post-surgery show she has made her nose much longer, and narrower. Her eyes have been altered, including her first eye surgery which she calls a “botch job.” She even posted a photo of how swollen her eyes were after that procedure. 10 months later and her eyes were still so puffy she was ashamed to go outside for a walk. That didn’t stop her from going under the knife again though. All in an attempt to adapt a more ‘pixie’ look Rina has also had her chin reshaped to be extremely pointy.


Despite the outrage her pictures have produced, Rina feels she hasn’t really changed her appearance that much. Maybe she’s for real, and it’s just the angle she takes most of her photos with that make her surgery look even more pronounced. If you notice, she holds the camera up over her face in a way that elongates her already enhanced chin, so that it looks impossibly v-shaped. A narrow face like this makes her look very thin. You guessed it, her weight is yet another concern people have been expressing about Rina. For someone insecure enough to change her face like she has, it wouldn’t be unlikely for her to also have an eating disorder.

So should fans, friends and family be worried about Rina? Or should we all simply learn to accept her as she is—a porn star version of Dobby from Harry Potter.



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  • avatar Yet says:

    Since she’s in “pink films,” I’m sure there’ll be a niche for her, especially in Japan.

    :/ Her nose looks like a young version of a Halloween witch nose, minus the obligatory wart.

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