Janice Dickinson Replaces 30-year Old Implants and Acts All Sorts of Crazy on “Botched”


Janice Dickenson was the world’s first model and she’s not ashamed to tell you. In fact, there’s nothing Janice enjoys more than talking about herself. Her wild personality is clearly the reason E! asked her to come on their latest cosmetic surgery show, Botched. The new reality show profiles different people that have been left “botched” by past plastic surgery and want to undergo the knife one last time for a chance to regain their confidence. At the start of the Botched episode Janice stars in she lets it all out, explaining how she first got implants in her thirties after many years of modeling with A cups. Since then she has gotten her boobs redone a couple times, but never again over the last 30 years. Before coming on Botched, Janice’s breasts were literally straight out of the seventies.

Even though Janice had kept her same breasts for many years, that doesn’t mean she was happy with them. She was actually very unhappy with them and felt insecure due to the rippling that formed on the top of her breasts whenever she bent down. Soon after the ridges developed, the media captured photos of it, bashing Janice for something she was already insecure about. She said that afterwards she felt like she, “Should have worn a f%&$#ng wet suit.”

But Janice isn’t one that likes to cover up, and so she was tired of going to fittings and asking for clothes that concealed her breasts. Dr. Terry Dubrow, celebrity plastic surgeon, was the lucky doctor assigned to Janice Dickenson’s case, and while at first he seemed excited about the opportunity, he quickly learned that Janice is the craziest patient he has ever had to deal with—and not just because she rips out her own incisions post-surgery.

It wasn’t just the appearance of Janice’s breasts that were bothering her, she also admitted she could feel particles rolling around in her right breast, she described them as “edamame” size. During surgery, these nodes were found and at least one of them appeared to be a swollen lymph node, which is responsable for breaking down toxins in the body. The nodes were dissected for further testing to make sure cancer or something more serious did not cause their development.

Originally, one of the main challenges to Janice’s surgery was helping her recover without too much pain, or the use of pain medication. Since Janice is a recovering addict, she can’t have regular methods of pain therapy in fear of a relapse. Dr. Dubrow explains that for the best results Janice should have her new implants inserted beneath the muscle. This requires dis-attaching the breast muscle from the ribcage and placing the implant beneath muscles tissue. Without regular methods of pain reduction, the process is incredibly painful, and feels like the weight of an “elephant” on your chest.

Janice seemed down for whatever, and she readily agreed to the pain. Confirming over and over that she was going to do it without any drugs. At the age of 56 Janice made the decision to come clean and start attending AA. Since then she has tried to stay as strong as possible, and didn’t seem ready to relapse now.

Fast-forward a few days post-breast surgery and we meet a whole new Janice. If you thought sober Janice was crazy, just want until you see drugged up Janice. Despite being hardly coherent and noticeably sloppy, Janice has a full face of makeup and red-carpet hair. After being tucked away in a hospital attached to a drug drip for three days Janice was singing a much different tune, a very slurred one at that. With E! cameras rolling, Janice demanded to be given more drugs, saying that she wanted exactly what she had at the hospital.

Dr. Dubrow hardly had time to react to Janice’s drug requests because she had caused an entirely different problem–one much more serious.  Dr. Dubrow couldn’t even believe what he was seeing at first, Janice had carelessly removed her own bandages and drip line, leaving her susceptible to a wide variety of potential infections. Seemingly too drugged up to care, Janice continued touching her incisions, increasing her risks for complications.

So while Janice Dickenson is known to be a bit loopy, the show Botched truly proves she’s over the deep end. According to Dr. Dubrow she is simply “the most difficult patient” he has ever had. Hey, he said it!


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