Cheryl Burke Got Gigantic New Lips For Her Birthday


Cheryl Burke recently turned 30 and has made some big changes in her life. Not only has the formerly hard-partying professional dancer stopped drinking alcohol, but she also lost 15lbs, which she proudly showed off by posing in a string bikini in People Magazine. Another big change that Cheryl has been secretly showing off via her social media pages, are her new lips…And they are huge!

Cheryl Burke before and after lip injections:
cheryl burke plastic surgery lip injections

Fans quickly noticed Cheryl’s new lips when she started posting pouty selfies to her Instagram page, and it looks like she got them done right around her birthday in May. Although, Cheryl denies that she’s had plastic surgery and attributes her new look to her weight loss. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that my lips don’t inflate when I lose weight?

Cheryl Burke before and after weight loss:
cheryl burke weight loss bikini before and after

Unfortunately, Cheryl Burke just can’t seem to win when it comes to online bullies, which seem to have shaken her confidence. Like many women, Cheryl’s weight fluctuates and she gains a few pounds in the off season of “Dancing With The Stars”. This is not exactly surprising, since she trains/dances for 8 – 10 hours every day, when she is filming! After enduring years of being called fat, Cheryl feels that she has finally found the way to keep those extra pounds off and credits circuit training and using the “buddy system” (working out with a friend) to keep her motivated. Now, of course, she is being called too skinny after shedding 15lbs.

Personally, we liked Cheryl’s look before the weight loss and plastic surgery, so hopefully she will stop caring what random strangers on the internet say about her and do what makes her happy!

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