Tulisa Contostavlos Claims She Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery, This Time She’s Blaming Her Makeup Artist


When MC rapper Mike GLC admitted to selling cocaine to an undercover reporter, he caused big problems for his famous friend, Tulisa Contostavlos. Tulisa has now been in out of London’s Southwark Crown Court in hopes of fighting off claims that she helped broker the drug deal.

Tulisa arrives to court to pledge her innocence:

As Tulisa fashionably made her way into court to prove that she most certainly did not, a sea of hungry photographers stood waiting. You might expect her face to be swollen from crying, or her eyes dark or bulging due to lack of sleep—hey, going to court is stressful, even for celebrities! So the fact that Tulisa’s face appeared “puffy” according to media reports might not come as a surprise. Until you see the “puffy” appearance Tulisa’s face has suddenly acquired and realize it doesn’t look to be the result of crying. Instead Tulisa looks like she just had some fresh cosmetic work done—perhaps before going to jail, after all her Botox doctor won’t be allowed to come inject her on visitor days.

The former X Factor judge rose to fame back in 2007 as a promising pop star. Since then, it looks like lip fillers and a nose job have changed Tulisa’s appearance. She has always argued that these ‘rumors’ are untrue, but it doesn’t seem many are willing to believe her. And now, after her court appearance, even more rumors are circulating about the 25-year old.

The ever-changing faces of Tulisa:

Tulisa blames her changing appearance on everything but surgery, citing makeup techniques, and weight loss. Make-up artist to the stars, Mikey Phillips, agrees that Tulisa might be telling the truth. He believes that changing up her beauty regime could be responsible for enhancing the look of her face, and could even contribute to the ‘puffy’ look she came wearing to court. Using certain contour tricks Tulisa could change her look in many ways, including enhancing her cheekbones and elongating her nose.

But before you believe everything Mikey Philips has to say, take a look at old photos of Tulisa and you will quickly notice, that like any celebrity, she looks entirely different. Her hairstyle, clothes, and yes, even her makeup is 100% different.

Tulisa at the start of her fame and Tulisa today:Tulisa

Annemarie Gillett from Transform Cosmetic Surgery believes that Tulisa has had some work done. She can see the signs of injectable wrinkle treatments in her shiny forehead. Gillett also mentions Tulisa’s noticeably fuller cheeks and lips, which seemingly are too drastically changed for a lip gloss and bronzer to take care of alone.

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