Zendaya’s New Look and Plastic Surgery Transformation in Her Teens


When Zendaya first hit the Hollywood scene in 2009 she was a fresh faced kid, with a unique look, that could sing and dance. Her talent and experience in singing and dancing made it easy for Zendaya to transition from modeling as a child to landing gigs with Kidz Bop and then Disney, as she entered her tween years. Zendaya’s career seemed to have hit a bit of a lull there, but then she appeared on Dancing with the Stars last year, sporting a whole new look.

Zendaya then and now:
Zendaya plastic surgery 2014 before and after pictures

Last year, at age 16, Zendaya competed on Dancing with the Stars and debuted a new, very grownup look, which seemingly was a hit, because it appears that her career has been jumpstarted and she is again entertaining multiple offers to star in TV shows and movies. So was plastic surgery behind Zendaya’s transformation, or did the teen grow into her looks and hire an amazing makeup artist? We think that it was a combination of both!

Zendaya at the Grammy Awards in Januray 2014:
Zendaya Grammy Awards 2014 Nose Job

Zendaya started her career in Hollywood when she was barely 12 years old, and has since grownup in the spotlight, with all the awkward teen moments documented along the way. Now, at age 17, Kendaya has adopted a new look complete with dramatic makeup and posed facial expressions, which is a stark contrast from when she would appear in public without a stitch of makeup and a genuine smile. Makeup techniques aside, her transformation seems to be a bit deeper than that and it also looks like Zendaya has visited a plastic surgeon for a little refinement of her facial features.

When compared to pictures from previous years, it does appear that Zendaya has undergone rhinoplasty surgery to slim the bridge of her nose. The result of Zendaya’s nose job is great on its own, but she is also using contouring and makeup tricks to further refine her features in pictures.

Did Zendaya get a nose job? It appear that she did!
zendaya nose job before and after photo

All in all, we give Zendaya’s plastic surgeon high marks for a well executed rhinoplasty, but we do wish that teenagers who don’t need plastic surgery, like Zendaya, would stop having plastic surgery so young!

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  • avatar Jane says:

    Argghhhh! People, the girl has grown up. Once again it’s so freaking obvious that she HAS NOT had plastic surgery. It’s called puberty and a good make-up artist and oh yeah, sophistication.

  • avatar Cat says:

    I disagree, I don’t think she has had any work done. The narrower bridge is from shading and you can see where that has been put, her eyebrows have been tidied slightly but this is all down to growing up and having a make up artist contour her face. She’s naturally beautiful.

  • avatar Nada says:

    lmao this is the by far the stupidest shit I’ve ever read are you kidding me why will a 17 year old get a plastic surgery it’s just puberty and plus she doesn’t need any makeup she’s already pretty enough and please stop making up stories and rumors about celebrities it’s getting really annoying and some people think that it’s actually real

  • avatar Kamaria says:

    OMFG Zendaya is my idol ilysmmmm

  • avatar Kamaria says:

    Plz don’t get plastic surgery u don’t need it ur beautiful inside and out

  • avatar Jana says:

    I’m not trying to be mean but she looked better naturally she looks so fake she looks ugly too what’s wrong with her normal face I mean she was famous enough already

    • avatar Danielle says:

      She didn’t get any work done. Its all camera tricks and even though you said you weren’t trying to be mean you WERE mean so…

    • avatar Alex says:

      Girl she didn’t get a nose job for your information she just grew up ok?!!Who ever thinks she did must be mentally disabled!!!!! So she the crap up if you got nothing nice to say she.She is abousltly perfect in her own way.OK! So back off!!

  • avatar Jana says:

    Only if she did have plastic surgery though

  • avatar Kam says:

    Lmfaoo though who I was being mean @danielle mad irrelevant tho

  • avatar Brooklyn says:

    I can’t believe Zendaya!

  • avatar Queen b says:

    Stop!! Zendaya is pretty with plastic surgery or not
    And a great person

    p.s omg!!

  • avatar Anna says:

    That photo in 2011 shows she had already had a nose job. What surgeon operates on a child so young??

  • avatar Kaleigh says:

    These sorts of photos “before & after” are always taken from different angles where no one can look the same-U can tell Dove Cameron’s nose and maybe her lips have changed considerably-Shes gorgeous b4 & after but Zendayas beauty is obviously natural

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