Wannabe’s Willing to Spend Their Life Savings on Extreme Plastic Surgery


How much money would you be willing to pay to look like your favorite celebrity? Claire Leeson has spent over $30,000 trying to look like her celeb-idol—who just happens to be Kim Kardashian. The 24-year old London resident says that after being bullied throughout school she wanted to do something about it—and apparently that something is literally, “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Seeing double? Claire Leeson has paid thousands to look like Kim K.

Leeson says growing up kids told her she was the “ugliest thing alive.” When she saw the Kardashian show on TV she felt a connection—she came from a family with the same number of siblings, all which argued about the same sorts of things. She thought Kim was so beautiful and she immediately decided that she wanted to look just like her, no matter what the cost.

Like Kim Kardashian, makeup plays a big role in Leeson’s transformation.
look-withoutmake up

Unfortunately, Leeson is now up to her heavily smokey eyeballs in debt. All of the surgeries, make-up and other expenses to look like Kim have cost her so much money she can’t even afford to pay off her credit cards now. But when she finally does come into some money, Leeson already has plans for it. She wants to get butt implants—well, duh! You can’t be Kim without the booty, after all. For now, Leeson makes do with padded panties.

Claire Leeson before plastic surgery:
claire lesson before Kim Kardashian plastic surgery

At least Kim Kardashian is human (at least somewhat). It gets a little scarier when people start trying to look like non-humans. While every little girl is told that Barbie is the most beautiful and perfect girl on the planet, woman that actually look like Barbie come off a little scary.

Dominika Oleynik and Valeria Lukyanova188693_800x450

Despite the shock value, many women are spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, all in hopes of looking like a Barbie doll. Two well-known human-Barbie’s are close friends, Dominika Oleynik and Valeria Lukyanova. They are both from the Ukraine where they spend their days pretending to be like Barbie and teaching at the School of Out-of-Body-Travel. If you’re wondering, they charge $100 per session. In order to look like Barbie the pair has undergone many surgeries, they also follow strict diets, work out religiously, and use makeup and contact lenses (and photo shop) to enhance their real-life Barbie doll faces.

Human barbie Ukrain

Ken isn’t left out, many men want to look like the plastic stud and are undergoing dramatic plastic surgery measures in order to do so. Move over Justin Jedlica and meet 30-year-old Rodrigo Alves. Rodrigo is from Brazil and has paid over $170,000 to look like a Ken doll. His surgeries range to include liposuction, lip augmentation, calf shaping, nose jobs, pectoral implants, and six-pack sculpting (isn’t that what the gym is for?).

Rodrigo before and after spending $170,000 on plastic surgery and beauty treatments:

On Rodrigo’s Instagram he describes himself as “A worldwide jetseter.” He writes that he lives in London, but parties in Vegas, goes to the beach in Miami, and shops in Dubai. So how does he have so much money? We don’t think he does—he’s actually a flight attendant, which would explain all of that “jetsetting.” At least he isn’t in debt like Claire Leeson (Kim Kardashian wanna-be), he says that he pays for all of his surgeries out of savings.

Rodrigo’s plastic surgery transformation:


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