Dove Cameron Had One Heck of a Nose Job…


Dove Cameron is the newest Disney princess, who’s career in Hollywood is quickly taking off. Dove’s real name is Chloe Hosterman, and her name isn’t the only thing that she changed when she moved from Seattle to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in acting…

Dove Cameron before and after plastic surgery:
dove cameron before plastic surgery nose job lip injections

Dove clearly stopped off at a plastic surgery center, on her way to Hollywood, and man oh man, did she get one heck of a nose job!

You would think that Disney would be able to find a fresh-faced actress, that was actually a naturally fresh-faced teenager, but apparently that is not how the business works anymore? It seems like whomever gets the most plastic surgery, at the youngest age, automatically gets their foot in the door of the highly competitive acting industry.

Dove Cameron as a child:
dove cameron chloe hosterman before plastic surgery nose job

Dove Cameron is barely 18-years old, but she started her plastic surgery transformation in her mid-teens. Before making her way to Hollywood, Dove had a drastic nose job. So drastic, in fact, that the bridge of her nose has almost completely disappeared! While her new button nose may be cute now, having plastic surgery in your teens can be risky because your body has not finished growing and is still changing. This fact, mixed with the aggressive nature of Dove’s nose job, could lead to problems down the road that will require additional surgery. Several celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Carmen Campuzano and Lil Kim have attempted to have their noses rebuilt after botched nose jobs, but this difficult surgery is often unsuccessful and can make the problem even worse.

18-year old Dove Cameron after plastic surgery:
dove cameron plastic surgery face

In addition to the rhinoplasty surgery, Dove has also had work done on her lips. Judging by the fluctuating lip size, it appears that Dove Cameron also gets filler injections in her lips, which needs to be re-done every 6 – 12 months to keep up that pillowy pout.

Dove Cameron after getting lip plumping injections:
dove cameron lip injections

What’s next for Dove Cameron? She’s currently starring on Disney’s “Liv and Maddie”, has a starring role in the movie “Cloud 9” and is working on her singing career with her boyfriend Ryan McCartan. Hopefully Hollywood doesn’t chew Dove up and spit her out and we hope that she stays away from having more plastic surgery!

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  • avatar Yet says:

    The bad thing is that even after the surgery her nose is still awkward. Whoever did it could have done a better job.

  • avatar Sara says:

    Good grief. Her entire face looks fake, not just the nose. Her chin and cheeks look like she’s had implants and her eyes look like she had an eyelid lift.

  • avatar Person says:

    Where’s the EVIDENCE that she got a nose job? You can’t say something without proof.

    • avatar Ela says:

      Goodness, can’t you look at those two pictures??? Her as a kid looks NOTHING like what she looks now. I’ve watched Liv & Maddie and thought she was such a cute, natural beauty, after this I’m just devastated. I’ve had a cute nose since I was a kid and around 12 I got an ugly bump on my nose bridge and I’m 16 now and it’s only gonna get worse. Noses don’t get cute when you grow up. They get bigger and the bump grows. Dove’s nose couldn’t just shrink into a cute shape. Her nose as a kid looks a bit like mine looks now. And it won’t get any better. Her nose is a complete different shape. Just IMPOSSIBLE to happen naturally.

  • avatar Ronnie says:

    Dove (not Chloe, becuz she already changed her identity when she moved to Burbank) got her 1st nose job at 14 (we think maybe another a few years later)
    Lip injections
    Eyelash extensions
    Dimple surgery

    She is a scary and sad shadow of what she once looked like in Bainbridge, WA.

    BUT her personality is just as shallow as ever!!! Can’t change THAT with surgery! Just as snobby as her mother Bonnie. Glad you two are off the island!!

    • avatar needs2Bsaid says:

      Did you used to know her?

      • avatar Bella says:

        I used to know her, and yes. What Ronnie said is completely true. It pains me that she has said in interviews that she was bullied starting in fifth grade.. She was the bully! She would bully me! You can ask anyone that knows her from the Island and they can tell you about her nose job as well as her (at least previously) shallowness.

    • avatar Lisa says:

      Found this thread from twitter and I wish Dove would’ve just been upfront and honest with her fans. It’s SO obvious. Any teenager can understand having insecurities about their body. I just wish she would stop posting naked face selfies. If we all went out and did everything she had done none of us would have to wear makeup either!!!
      P.S. her mom is telling people not to believe everything they read online lmfao I agree, but it’s obvious she’s saying this to protect Dove AND herself since you called them both out! Lol thank you for posting the truth!
      Are you on twitter?

  • avatar Duh says:

    “Person”, the EVIDENCE is the incredibly obvious difference of her nose NOW, compared to the picture of her as a child. Someone gave her a very over-aggressive nose job and did a bad job shaping the tip. What a shame, she’s a pretty girl. As for the person saying she had dimple surgery, I don’t really believe that. I think she just did the lips, which looks good. And the nose, unfortunately, that needs (more) work.

  • avatar Kristi says:

    Well, her original nose *does* look bumpy, but her new nose’s tip is really off. I guess she wanted the perfect nose, but got something she didn’t want but seems to be happy about it. And what was wrong with her original eyelashes and lips? She didn’t need to transform them too.

  • avatar V says:

    Her dimples are more exaggerated now than they were when we were kids. As for lashes she started wearing fake lashes at 14 and they were a lovely improvement, especially in pictures. Unfortunately, they were better than the extensions she has now. She definitely got her mom’s nose, though why she chooses to only get rid of the bump and not tone down the witchy-looking one she’s got going on now is beyond us. Looks especially bad when the light hits her a certain way. I think the blurry before picture of her at the top of this article was the one she posted after she “accidentally ran in to a door”.

    I always thought Dove was attractive (on the outside) before. Now she is pretty, but looks like every other person on Disney.

    Her voice is the best real thing she has going for her. I wish she didn’t feel so insecure with her original self that she had to change… or lie about what she so obviously did do.

    • avatar Bella says:

      Hey “V” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • avatar Lisa says:

      Seems that, thanks to your post, Dove is now telling people that she “broke her nose like 6 years ago, that’s why it has a weird line in it”. This reminds me of how she tried to cover up the nude selfies that were leaked during the fappening! This girl. smh

  • avatar Alexa says:

    Dove (personally I think) has the only good results after surgery. Usually the results are atrocious!

  • avatar selena says:

    in her song she sends out that you should love the way you r and look she did serjury on her nose and lips

  • avatar Nadidah says:

    Bella do you really know her,and is she really a bully ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • avatar Bella says:

      Hi Nadidah. I’ve known her since she was a child pre-surgeries, and unfortunately she is a lying bully. Like mother, like daughter.

      • avatar Lexi says:

        Bella, how did you know her mother was a bully? And if her mother was a bully, and Dove really bullied her, Dove’s mother would bully Dove. I honestly believe she has lip injections, but not nose surgeries. I’ve heard she had some accident when she was younger and that did something to her nose.

        • avatar Bella says:

          Bainbridge Island is small, so everyone knows everyone else’s business. Bonnie is a snob and a bully. She used to leave Chloe and her bestie (they moved from the island to Burbank and lived together) alone at home while she pursued her new boyfriend. She even missed her own daughter’s performances. But Dove is the one that bullies and disrespects her own mother. Looking back, I now realize it was probably a power play on Dove’s part. She was really hurt and angry when her mom chose to travel with her new crush to HIS performance (he was a musician) but not hers. So sad.

  • avatar Alice says:

    What does it matter if she had plastic surgery? She’s an adult she can do whatever she want and I realize that most think she had plastic surgery as a child, that’s on the parents. People can have boob jobs, nose jobs, liposuction, and whatever else they want. They are still the same person just hopefully a more confident version of there self. I completely understand everyone’s opinions though. Disney needs role models. But what is a role model to you?

    • avatar Bella says:

      I agree that people can do whatever they want to their bodies. To each their own, but Dove would laugh wickedly (emphasis on wicked) if she read your comment. She’s been bullying her own mother since she was a child! I was always embarrassed by how bad she would disrespect her mother in front of others. All the modifications she’s made to her face were her own choice. Just like moving to LA. But you’re right about one thing, it has made her a more confident version of her former self. Once an a-hole, always an a-hole. lol

      As for Disney they don’t create positive role models. They’re a machine for manufacturing idols who will eventually breakdown around age 25. Time will only tell what happens to Dove then.

      • avatar Lisa says:

        Omg that’s only a few years from now! :O

      • avatar Chris says:

        Agreed. I’ve witnessed her bullying too. So sad. Can’t fix the inner ugly with plastic surgery.

      • avatar Katie says:

        Bella… how easy for you to come online and hide behind the fact that no one knows who you are and will believe whatever you say. You sound like a bitter/ jealous middle-schooler. What, you just sit online looking for forums to dis her on? Grow up. Even if she was mean once upon a time… you don’t know her now. … Readers… please remember that this person may or may not have EVER known Dove.. and regardless.. this is a pretty chicken **** way to go about not liking someone. Don’t believe everything you read on a forum meant solely to judge people in the first place! ….. As far as the plastic surgery.. yea.. its pretty obvious. But that’s her choice, her body, and that’s the industry. Plus.. she did have a pretty terrible nose (poor thing). I think she looks great. Shrug.

        • avatar K.S says:

          @Katie, I agree. I don’t think ‘Bella’ really knew Dove or even went to school with her. It says “liar” all over her posts. If I didn’t like a celebrity and had a lot of nerve and courage to, I’d say bad things about them too and “back it up” through the “I used to know him/her” technique.

  • avatar Sarah hey there says:

    I wouldn’t bash her for getting a nose job. Maybe she was very insecure and I’m 14 and I’m dying for a nose job. Her changing her nose doesn’t mean she’s fake.

    • avatar Lisa says:

      She’s fake because she lies about not having anything done, and then posts no makeup selfies. FAKE!

      • avatar person says:

        So what if it’s fake why can’t people just accept that she did I because she wanted to to make herself feel better why does it matter just leave her alone and accept who she is

        • avatar Lisa says:

          “So what if it’s fake…”

          Hello, Person. What if a jeweler sold you what you thought was a diamond, but turned out to be a CZ? Would you still be saying that?

          Ok, now let’s pretend a cosmetic company asks Dove to be their spokesperson and say their product helps make her as beautiful as she is, but we know the truth is she gets regular treatments (ie lip injections, lash extensions) to keep up her appearance, and she sells the product based on the beauty she paid for, not the cosmetic…and people buy the product because she endorses it. Would you care if it’s fake then???

          Big picture, people. DOVE CAMERON IS A LIAR. Good thing she’s becoming a better actress. Until she owns up, she’ll always be a fake/liar, period!

      • avatar K.S says:

        “No makeup” = a clean and clear face from cosmetics and products. It has nothing to do with plastic surgery. She’s just posting a selfie where she’s not wearing any makeup!

  • avatar Emma says:

    What Bella has said is absolutely true, and I live in Burbank and went to school with Dove hereโ€”clearly she hasn’t changed a bit. She always seemed controlling, but the bullying aspect of her is not a false statement, and I’ve seen her treat her mother, and those around her, like dogs. She lies, she bullies, and she then puts on a front like she’s such a shy “geek” to make herself sound dainty and quirky, when in all actuality she is EXTREMELY shallow and in the words of Bella, wicked. I’ve heard people who “know” her claiming that she is a “slut” and that she said in an old tumblr Q&A that she has had a boyfriend and had her first kiss when she was eleven yet in a recent interview this year claimed that Ryan was her first in all aspects; the “slut” rumor is false, of course, but the rest is trueโ€”yet another lie a la Dove. She wouldn’t date someone she deems as less than “perfect,” and changed her appearance through plastic surgery in an attempt to become what she saw as “perfect” in her eyesโ€”not because she was being made fun of for it. When she got her dimples done, she began saying that she was just smiling in a different way (as if it wasn’t blatantly obvious that she got themโ€”they were there for weeks even when she wasn’t smiling). As it was previously mentioned, she made claims that she was severely bullied all throughout school. That, however, like practically everything that comes out of her mouth, is a lie. She was the true bully, and I’d be lying if I said that she wasn’t outwardly rude and judgmental towards me. I don’t know if she was like this when she was still going by Chloe, but as Dove, she felt entitled, as if everyone should bow down to her. Also, from what I’ve heard and seen, her friend Veronica (St. Clair, McAvoyโ€”choose a last name, girlfriend!) Sanchez is just as bad. They act one way online, in interviews, and in public, but when you really get to know them, they end up being someone utterly judgmental and and unkind, which is the complete opposite of what they preach. Believe what you want, but the “real” Dove Cameron is not someone any young, impressionable children or teens and adults alike should aspire to be like or look up to in any light. She’s not who you think she is.

    • avatar Cecilia says:

      I used to like Dove, but I’ve been reading yours and Bella’s claims recently and they sound so real to be a lie. I believe you. So that’s the only thing she did, or she was way worst?

      • avatar Shirley Temple Fan says:

        Wow, you’re just gonna believe these people who claimed they knew her? Why don’t you ask Dove’s sister? Now there’s a person who grew up with her! Not these Internet users who could lie about anything. In fact, I’m under a different “name,” but I commented on here a few weeks ago! I commented here last year too, but you don’t know which user! I might be “Bella” who claimed everything bad against Dove, or even “Emma”…you don’t know!

        • avatar Jess says:

          Shirley, what Cecilia meant was that she simply believed the claims. She’s not stupid. Of course, who the f*** would believe Internet lies? I’ve been lied many times (sadly) so it’s easy for me to recognize “good and bad lies”.

          About Dove, I never went to school with her not met her in any way. But these people are giving proof (in the last comments, @Izzy clearly studied with her; the picture she posted). Users here have been noticing this. I suppose you’re just new here.

          I recommend you to ask first.

    • avatar Cath says:

      OMG… I thought that she was a victim in high school… Can i talk to you on twitter or somewhere else? I have blog about Dove(i’m from Poland) and i want to people know the truth about ‘perfect Dove’. I just need more informations. Ofc i will say that is from you. Can you help me? ๐Ÿ™‚ @bvieber – its my twitter

    • avatar Lexi says:

      Ok, there is so much in this comment. But first of all, She has lip injections. I don’t think she made her cheeks bigger. In the picture of her as a child, she is NOT smiling. In the one where she is older she IS smiling. And I’m not exactly sure about the nose.

  • avatar Yulisa says:

    What’s wrong with having a bridge on your nose I mean dove is pretty but tbh ~ when she was a child she looked better idk why she changed :/

  • avatar Chris says:

    There is nothing wrong with wanting plastic surgery or changing your name for acting/singing. But having a horrible personality is. But i disagree with the poster who said disney stars breakdown by 25. Perhaps the majority does, but some never did. It may just have to do with how the family handles said child stars and hollywood. Just a thought.

  • avatar quinn says:

    look if she did get it, it doesn’t matter but like they said it was before Hollywood and she was a teen when they say she got it done and when your a teen your face changes. the reason her face was so shiny in that picture is because bad lighting mixing with her make-up. and the first picture was of her as a child so yeah her face is going to change. and the picture they used for her “bigger lips” was of her making a kissing face and wearing bright red lip stick which made her lips look bigger… no one has proof so you cant say she had it done cause from the pictures it is just through perspective and they used those pictures cause they want to make you believe their gossip that is probably not true. its just like all those other gossip websites that say fake things. no one should believe a thing that they say.

  • avatar Laydan says:

    I never got to know Chloe and I hope I got the chance because if she would tell me lies I would point them out and ya it might piss her of but it should be a wake up most of all to say despite what she did and that she does not get a second chance then you are no better then here sge should get a second chance if she still does nothing and continue’s to lie realize that you have to be a better person and try to see the world through there eyes.p.s if she did bully you be kind and try to be a friend to them be the person they are not its hear that should realize that you are the better person.

  • avatar Realist ;-; says:

    Haters. Haters everywhere.

    “I used to know Dove Cameron! She’s a bully!!” Are you kidding me? Yeah right, you’ve KNOWN her. Tell me more how you “know” her so much.

    “Dove Cameron is a liar.” You seriously can’t show anyone proof and you just say that?

    “She’s FAKE!” How is anyone fake? You are who you are. Are you fake? No. Because every person is different and they make different choices about who they want to become, and that choice is yourself.

    Now, haters go ahead and comment below. Tell me how I’m soo stupid. Go ahead. But don’t tell me you’re stupid because you are you.

  • avatar Realist ;-; says:

    ~just a random realist doin’ random things, go idc group, lol

  • avatar Kim says:

    Wow, this is what is wrong with the world. Most of you people do not know her personally but are so willing to believe someone who claims to know her in her younger years. And if they do in fact know her, people are blindly believing what these random people are saying. Everyone changes as we grow older. Whether she was a good child or bad, doesn’t mean anything now. No one on here are with her or around her in this present moment of her life. None of us knows the true story about anyone in this world except if you are there with them. The world I know has people who run others down for whatever reason. This he said she said crap is for children! Don’t pass judgement on anyone without knowing them in their present state of mind….

  • avatar Max says:

    Personally for me , having a surgery is totally fine , sure it’s “fake” but really, who cares? Alot of people get surgery on different parts if their body and that’s their choice , it’s their money . I don’t think her fans would also do a plastic surgery just because Dove did also. All I’m saying is It’s their life , and her doing a surgery didn’t di any harm to others. Did she hurt anyone ? Seriously people, there are more problems in this world that should be recognized and this isn’t one of them.v

  • avatar Bruno says:

    Personally for me , having a surgery is totally fine , sure it’s “fake” but really, who cares? Alot of people get surgery on different parts if their body and that’s their choice , it’s their money . I don’t think her fans would also do a plastic surgery just because Dove did also. All I’m saying is It’s their life , and her doing a surgery didn’t di any harm to others. Did she hurt anyone ? Seriously people, there are more problems in this world that should be recognized and this isn’t one of them. And about her personality, so what?! The generation today is like that and we have nothing to do about it. I’m not defending Dove or whatsoever , I just find it really annoying that you guys judge her for doing what makes her happy and confident in herself and she’s not even hurting others.

  • avatar Bruno says:

    I don’t know anything , if this is real or not , I don’t even know why I’m looking at this page , but really people , stop judging her , she wants to do surgery , let her , it’s her money , it makes her happy and confident , she’s not hurting anyone anyways. And in my opinion , the reason she wants to change her looks , if she even did , is because people are so shallow , it’s about looks right now , and maybe Dove thought if she was gonna enter this career she might as well be sure she will be accepted. People right now are “WOW She’s so hot , okay I’m gonna follow her and if soemone bashes her even if she’s really wrong I’ll still defend her” i’m not defending her or anything , but this is the generation now . Just deal with it. You won’t die if she did plastic surgery

  • avatar ray ezell says:

    i think dove looks fine with or without surgery she is beautiful not to be mean but she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life so people who are posting mean comments shut up and leave her alone

  • avatar Name says:

    Man, I thought Dove was really talented and nice. But these photos and the personal accounts I’m reading are changing my opinion of her. More people should know about this stuff so they know not to see her as a role model.

    • avatar Bella says:

      The boobs are real. She has a very good push up bra.

      Nose job, dimple surgery, eyelash extensions (she was OBSESSED with wearing false lashes when she was younger), and lip injections are the only things she’s had done that most of us are sure of. She was trying to make herself look more like her best friend at the time.

  • avatar well says:

    let the girl live. You have your life to live too. you are trying to pull out a peg from someone’s eyes when you have a log in yours. The truth is we all hv things we do that are horrible and dirty,that can’t be let out. Apparently, she has a horrible character, leave her to learn her lessons, you don’t hv to strip her naked unless you are beefing her

  • avatar Hailey says:

    You guys need to stop. I can’t and won’t believe that Bella has meet Dove Cameron she’s beautiful, you guys don’t know what your talking about. So what if her nose is fake, if it makes her feel more beautiful, then I’m glad she got a nose job, if she wanted big lips then she got them, she didn’t get cheek implants. If plastic surgery made her feel more beautiful then so be it.

  • avatar Hj says:

    Actually Bella iv know her since we were little and she was always a sweet heart and as for he pictures they are fake anything could easily be photo shopped

    • avatar Omg says:

      No offense, but you must not have been very close to have only seen the fake side…….the one she uses in her interviews. Then again, to even say her photos had been photoshopped (assuming you mean the ones WITHOUT the bump on her nose and WITHOUT the dimples) makes your claim hard to believe. Plus they’ve all been posted by her!

      I’ve never met her but have a friend who grew up with her and she sounds horrible. The stories are so sad (in a pathetic way…..even for a kid of any age). Even sadder is the fact that they’re still “friends”.

      Honestly, she sounds like someone who had (has) severe insecurities. I don’t know if she was ever bullied (by her mom or other kids) but you’re not just born a bully. That’s learned behavior.

      I pray that she will one day find peace, happiness and most of all, confidence in herself as a person. If that requires plastic surgery, then glad she can afford it. Just hope she doesn’t go overboard like so many others do. DOVE, IT’S WHAT’S INSIDE THAT COUNTS!!

  • avatar courtney says:

    but i like dove and i always will because if u went for surgery so what..maybe somethibg happened we cant judge,and if she went for surgery and she was rude no bodies perfect and i really thinks its rude….so yeah she had surgery maybe she wasnt proud of how she looks then….and we also dont know if she maybe had problems but guys really man think about how she must feel yeah she lied but calling her a “slut” thats not right i think we should rather let her tell the truth because who are we to comment on how she looks and how she looks then not every1 is pretty and stuff and if she doesnt want to tell the truth then leave it we can’t talk for her so please use wouldnt want us to talk about none of use like that !!!

  • avatar Dove cameron is a fake whore says:

    Dove cameron is a fake slut who slept around to get on disney channel, cuz she sucks at acting! She is a fake slut just like yara shahidi. They Are both fake, trashy whores. They are both conceited, fake, stuck up sluts! Not jealous, simply telling the truth, haters.

    • avatar Bella says:

      Fake, yes, but she’s NOT a slut who slept her way to a role. I may not like her personally, but I can admit she has talent and actually worked a lot to get to a place where she could land a role on Disney. In fact her acting has gotten much better imo.

  • avatar Dove cameron is a fake whore says:

    Dove cameron is an arrogant fake slut just like yara shahidi and they’re both liars.

  • avatar Dustin says:

    Hiiiiii guys!!!!!!!!
    Dove Cameron is k looking and she is real nice when she’s around her bfriend (Ryan mccartan) she is one of me FAV celebrity’s so just so u know haters u just ruined Dove for me!!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค
    BACK OFF HATERS~Miranda sings
    Quit it guys u know who u are
    Lisa Chris yulisa Emma roonie Lexi Cecilia person Sara hay there Bella ally Alexa and soooooo many more of u u should be a shamed of ur self what r ur parents teaching u????????? Did u wake up on the wrong side of the bed because ur crushing my 8 year old dreames and u didn’t even say anything about her fake hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘ธ I know I’m sooooo bad but it has to be said my guidance counselor taught me to speake my mind and say u hurt me when u talked about Dove that way!!!!!! I feel sad- Mrs Favali
    U KNOW WHAT U CAN BE A MOOSE!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar Jess says:

      I suppose you said you’re 8 years old? Then what are you doing here? Go outside and play. If you don’t believe it, it’s your decision. People want to believe it? It’s their decision.

  • avatar Bertha (Dustin's bรฆ) says:

    Sorry for Dustins temper…. We’re working on it with a doctor. Don’t worry๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    BTW: I am Dustins forever bรฆ!!!!

  • avatar Daniela says:

    I thought that dove was a natural beauty but I guess I was wrong.I am really disappointed in her for hurting her face like that. You should just be happy with yourself. She was still beautiful before her nose job.

  • avatar Aimee says:

    I think Ronnie was a bit offensive but I think dove/cloe is just a bit worried about her look because it was a bit wonky.

  • avatar Quirkypine says:

    Stop It! Though you may mot agree with it Dove has her own right to do whatever she sees fit to her body!It is not your place nor right to tell her what she can and can not do!
    She changed her name in honor of her late father what’s worng with that? I mean Lady Gaga isn’t Lady’s gaga’s real name right but you don’t get mad at her. Don’t use a double standard.
    I believe everyone has their own opinion and we should respect them all even if they don’t respect you in the same way.!!!

  • avatar Quirkypine says:

    Plus We don’t even know if it is true. They have no medical records. Also Ronnie, Bella, Duh, V,Lisa,Emma, Why would you say that you are just pretending to know her beacuse YOU are insecure about yourself so you are making up that you know a famous person.
    And Cecellia how could believe that Frankly I think you need to stop believing everything you hear or see on the internet. I don’t want to be rude but you guys be more confident with yourselves!

  • avatar Kortney says:

    She’s better at acting then you will ever be. I don’t believe any of this she’s hecka pretty so stfu!!!!

  • avatar Ansley says:

    I Don’t think it matters how you look it just matters if you’re true to you’re self i think dove was always beautiful.She was nice, sweet, funny and probably a lot of other thinking that are good about her that i don’t know about is i hate how some people think there outcasts its not true it means you’re unique and so be happy with who you are and stand up for you’re self ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :)P ๐Ÿ™‚ :p

    • avatar lol u fake says:

      How do you know dove cameron is a nice person in real life, idiot? You don’t know anything about her and you don’t know what she does in her life. Actresses, vs models, wwe divas, nxt women, etc. are bad people and they sleep around with different men and they probably do drugs too, etc. Just because dove puts on an “innocent and nice” fake act on TV and in interviews doesn’t mean thats she’s a “nice person” in real life, idiots. She isn’t a nice person in real life and she looks arrogant and stuck up, bet she is. Dumb trolls on this site.

  • avatar Ansley says:

    Dove is my inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚ :p

  • avatar Izzy says:

    Literally ask anyone that knew her before she was famous. She was not nice. Nobody is lying about knowing her.

  • avatar Izzy says:

    Yearbook picture – Proof that I knew her growing up

    • avatar Jess says:

      Thank you SO much, @Izzy!

      For the ones that said that Bella, Emma, Lisa (etc…) are lying, you’re wrong. Here’s the proof. What do you think now?

  • avatar Aimee says:

    I think dove Cameron has made her own choice and I support that and I think that it was good that she had surgery to get rid of what we all know was a very unpleasant site so I think all these comments are very mean when she just did not want to look a state

  • avatar vikki says:

    Now I don’t know a lot about Dove, so don’t blame me if the facts aren’t straight, but so what?
    The problem is parenting. It sounds alot like Descendants. Her mom is a bully, and she doesn’t know any better so she teaches her kid what she knows. Like mother, like daughter.
    As for the alleged surgeries, it’s her choice and it might not be a good choice, but it was what she was taught and how she was brought up. I personally believe that she was beautiful the way she was before she decided to change the way she looked and become what she saw as “perfect”.

    I’m really disappointed in all of you talking mean about someone most of us don’t even know personally. You don’t know what her situation is. She could be going through something personal. Good for you people who are trying to defend her and look at all the possibilities.

  • avatar Sfx says:

    The nose job is debatable, but seems to lean more towards true. However, the lip injections are much more evident, as seen by the images in this article. Dove’s/Chloe’s lips do not appear to retain their fullness naturally; while some may argue this particular aspect is a result of aging, there is a drastic change of her lips between an earlier acting role in Shameless and her debut in Liv and Maddie a year or so later. As seen with Dove’s “no-makeup” selfies of recent times, this prominent difference is more than only makeup.
    Dove has the right to alter her appearance in any way she wishes (at least in my opinion). Referring to her fans, or a portion of them in these comments, perhaps they are upset since she has not admitted to any procedures of the plastic surgery sort, whereas they appear pretty valid. Here’s a hypothetical situation: Someone may ask Dove if she’s had work done. Dove can and will probably ignore it, similar to many other celebrities. If she denies the surgeries, a number of fans who don’t believe her claim may be upset (or disappointed, etc.; it varies). [end of hypothetical] She promotes the idea of loving yourself despite your appearance and inner beauty, etc. and even performs songs with such themes, which is all well and good. For some, saying “love the way you look [naturally, moreso]” and getting plastic surgery may come off a hypocritical. Dove is not obligated to announce she’s had work done (just because or out of the blue).
    Of course, I’m not 100% sure Dove has undergone plastic surgery/fillers/injections, etc. It seems very likely, though. It doesn’t really matter, but since I have found this article and read the comments, this is just a perspective on how valid her surgeries may be and an attempt to explain what is at times viewed as blind hate.

  • avatar Lani says:

    Dove has had nose job, cheek implants, lip injections, brow lift or botox. Her mother took her for surgery at age 14 before she landed the role on Disney on Liv and Maddie. Pretty disgusting to do to a child! She looks like a stepford Barbie

  • avatar Kaleigh says:

    Regarding the school photo -Couldn’t that have been found online? I can’t see the names-Izzy,Lisa,Bella etc on there so is there another page or where these people in another class? What they all say really bullying sounds true but I don’t no now?

  • avatar John says:

    Some of you guys are just being horrible to this girl and her mother. You don’t know the dark side of Hollywood if you’re believe that as a preteen dove made the decision for surgery if in fact she did and I believe we should look for good in people and see them as they are through their perspective and not our own cuz we form misconceptions about people. You don’t honestly know these people. And it’s cruel to say unkind things to others we are our own world with our own struggles and it’s not fair to make these calls

  • avatar Julie says:

    Dove Cameron (formerly known as Chloe Hosterman) has had more surgeries and procedures done than all of the other Disney stars combined!
    Honestly it wasn’t until I became a fan of hers and started looking through old pictures and information that I came to realize she is probably one of the most plastic young actresses out there today. She has has TWO separate nose jobs, done when she was very young before she became a star (so comparing pictures of her in earlier roles versus now won’t work because she’d already had them done.) She’s even admitted she “broke” her nose twice (yeah, ok Dove) but that’s the excuse most starlets make (that or, “I had a deviated septum”) But if you look at pictures of her as a kid you’ll see the nose isn’t broken at all, just bumpy and larger. She’s also had dimple enhancing surgery (she had very faint dimples as a kid but had them done so they were much more prominent.) She’s also had multiple lip injections, even after she became famous (notice how they continued to subtly inflate) probably because lip injections need upkeep so she went with something more permanent. Most of the time she also wears eyelash extensions and hair extensions, and while they are much less permanent and “plastic” than actually having a procedure done, one must ask why she needs so much done to herself. I actually wouldn’t mind all that, if it wasn’t for her attitude and the front that she puts up. All of her “love yourself as you are” messages (even if Disney hired her to do it) comes off as super hypocritical and even deceitful. Yes maybe she’s embarrassed about getting work done or the people she works for forbid her to talk about it, but presenting a message about self-love, acceptance and not needing to look like Barbie or girls in the magazine is probably something she should only be telling herself. Dove must have low self esteem, but lying to people and pretending she’s something she’s not, especially when little kids look up to her, is wrong. Definitely not a fan anymore.

  • avatar Andy says:

    That’s really shi**y to say these kinds of things about someone without revealing your own identity and providing real evidence to back up your claims. I’m not talking about whether or not Dove had cosmetic surgery (many entertainers have) but the talk about her being a bully and not the sweet person she comes across as on TV, movies and interviews.

    At the very least, every one of you making these claims should tell us who you really are so we can verify that you actually did know her and provide evidence backed up by more than hearsay. Otherwise what you are saying is slander. The Internet promotes this by providing cover for people like you. We see it all the time now with the constant stream of fake news. If what you are saying is true–prove it.

    I personally don’t believe what any of you say or that you ever even knew Dove.

  • avatar Gigi says:

    I believe Bella and the others 100% ! Dove has always given me bad vibes even before i read all this ! i knew she had surgery cause i remembered her from Shameless and her face looked extreamly difference. lol puberty doesn’t give you full lips and perfect cheeks. also she seems shallow and obsessed with her looks. anyone noticed all the selfies on her instagram ? she also dares to compare herself with Rapanzul and says she looks like her lol she’s so narcisstic. i feel like she’s trying hard to look like Amanda Seyfried, she made herself look similair to her but Amanda is natural unlike Plastic Dove. besides that girl is a liar lol she lies about her first boyfriend and always forget her stories. i don’t know how many first boyfriends she’s had.

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