Ali Lohan Doesn’t Look Like an Emaciated Skeleton Any More!


Remember when Lindsay Lohan’s little sister, Ali Lohan, decided that she was going to be a “model” and starved herself into a stick figure? Well, thank goodness poor Ali came to her senses and has gained a healthy amount of weight back!

Aliana before and after gaining some much needed weight:
Aliana Lohan Weight Gain 2014

In 2011, Ali shocked the media with her extreme weight loss (and plastic surgery) and announcement that she was now pursuing a modeling career. Although Ali claimed that she was naturally thin, thanks to a high metabolism, clearly she was also dieting or suffering from an eating disorder, in order to achieve the waif-ish look that she was sporting in 2011 – 2012.

Aliana Lohan after her extreme weight loss in 2011:Aliana Lohan Scary Skinny Weight Loss

Thankfully, 20-year old Ali has come to her senses and has gained a healthy amount of weight, which she showed off in a black and white bikini in Italy over the weekend. If you ask us, Ali Lohan looks fantastic after gaining weight and looks better than she ever has!

More pictures of Ali Lohan showing off her weight gain in Italy:

Ali Lohan and her sister Lindsay are currently partying in Italy and hitting up some film festivals while Lindsay prepares for her 15th shot at a comeback in “Speed-The-Plow”, which is a play that will debut later this year. Ali, who didn’t seem to find much success in the modeling world, has switched gears and is currently working on a country music album.

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  • avatar MichelleQ says:

    She look SOOOOO much better! She wasn’t just scary skinny, she looked deathly ill before.

  • avatar Yet says:

    Something terrible had to have happened to her. No joke intended, but that haircut spoke to me even more than her emaciated body.

  • avatar Guest says:

    She gained her weight back middle of 2012. She does modeling and she’s not doing country music. I looked at her instagram and she said she’s doing R&B, soul and blues. But she’s definitely modeling too, I’ve seen recent stuff she’s done.

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