Let’s All Gawk at Rumer Willis and Her HUGE Fake Lips…


Well, who would have thought that Rumer Willis would so quickly be following in her mom’s footsteps?! Rumer’s mom, Demi Moore, is best known for two things: acting and having a boatload of plastic surgery. Wanna take a stab at which path Rumer is heading down?

Rumer Willis then and now:rumer willis lip injections 2014 before and after

Rumer has recently popped up in a spoof video of Ariana Grande’s hit song “Problems”, where she tries really hard to be sexy while flapping around her new huge fake lips. And while the 25-year old actress model trustfund kid has been getting lip injection and plastic surgery for years now, her new lips are ridiculously swollen.

Rumer Willis and her new super lips in the “SPF” spoof video of Ariana Grande’s “Problems” song:
rumer willis lip injections spf song video

Rumor started getting lip injections in 2012, and while she obviously likes her new pouty look, I think it’s safe to say that she has gone too far with the lip injections. Her lips are literally 5 times the size of her natural lips, and that is just too much!

Don’t forget kids, YOLO, BYPSMLF (You Only Live Once, But Your Plastic Surgery Mistakes Last Forever)! We’ll expect to see Rumer Willis on “Botched” in 5 years from now…

Check out the Rumer Willis, Constantine Rousouli & Jake Wilson spoof video to see Rumer and her ginormous new lips:

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