5 Disturbing Pictures That Anyone Considering Butt Injections Should See


No one can deny that big butts are trendy nowadays, and it all started innocently enough with fans wanting to be curvy like JLo. But now, thanks to plastic surgery, media and marketing, absurdly unnatural curves have become the new thing and women are literally dying trying to achieve these unreal curves. There are three ways that women are currently altering their butts to achieve this look and those are: butt implants, fat transfer and black market “butt shots”.

butt shots amputee loses arms and legsApryl Michelle Brown lost not only the butt that she so desperately wanted to enlarge, but also her arms and legs, which all had to be amputated following two sessions of “butt shots” where she was injected with liquid silicon. Following years of intense pain and trying to find a doctor that could help her remove the toxic substance that was injected into her, Apryl finally had her butt, legs and arms amputated in order to save her life. As a quadriplegic, Apryl is considered lucky, as many women in her position have died trying to remove the toxic substances that were injected into them during back-alley procedures and “pumping parties”.

swollen deformed butt shotsBut don’t be mislead…Pumping parties and industrial grade fillers injected by unlicensed individuals is not the only way you will run into problems trying to achieve that Kim Kardashian booty. There are risks and compilation associated with any cosmetic surgery, even when performed by a licensed and board certified cosmetic surgeon. With the popular fat transfer procedure, or Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is harvested via liposuction, then injected into the butt. Risk with this surgery include, fat necrosis (as seen to the left), puncture of organs, fat emboli, infection and more, including death.

butt shots gone wrong ass amputationMany women that have had cheap, back-alley butt shots, are now dealing with the pain, deformation and complication that can occur immediately or over time, after having industrial grade silicon and other cheap “fillers” injected into their bodies. Doctors are still trying to figure out how to deal with this problem, but the general consensus is that it’s impossible to remove all of the silicon (or other matter) that is floating around in these women’s bodies. Attempts to remove this junk, in order to relieve the pain and suffering that these women are going through, usually results in amputations, disfiguring and/or death.

gross butt shots flesh eating wtfFor many people with a healthy immune system, eventually your body will try to expel foreign matter that had been introduced into the body. Since your body can not metabolize and process plastics like silicon, as a last resort your body will try to push out substances that it feels are toxic in any way possible. This can mean that your body may choose to force these foreign substances out by pushing it through your muscles and skin, causing gaping, oozing sores that can be life-threatening, debilitating and disgusting, at best. Is that extra curvy butt really worth it?

twisted butt implants gone wrongIn 2012, a video of a women with a flipped butt implant went viral after she posted it to Youtube. In the video, she appears with one of her over-sized implants that had flipped backwards, leaving her with one round cheek and one with a bizarre flat edge. She then reaches under the implants and manually twists it back around, commenting, “I don’t think an implant’s supposed to do that…”. The woman, who goes by Renee, had the implants removed, but wants to warn other women to simply “Love the skin you’re in. Please don’t go and do this stuff to yourself. If more people would come out and tell their stories then less women would go and do this.”



  • avatar Yet says:

    IF anyone was considering it, it makes a lot more sense to get a Brazilian butt lift. Can’t understand any kind of implant; at least with fat transfer methods, it’s using something that comes from you. There’s just the chance that the fat could burn off, but would that be such a bad thing if you ended up getting it too big and wanted it reduced or got tired of it over time?

    “…and it all started innocently enough with fans wanting to be curvy like JLo” – Nice try, but no.

  • avatar Robyn says:

    This is seriously horrifying. Thatssss why women should get a breast aug instead! Divert the attention away from the booty! J/k.

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