Mariah Carey Photoshopped To All Hell By Celebrity Photographer Terry Richardson


In a recent photoshoot, celebrity Photographer Terry Richardson made Mariah Carey look very beautiful. Apparently not beautiful enough though, because the original photos were drastically altered before publication.

Mariah Carey before and after Photoshop by Terry Richardson:terry richardson mariah carey photoshop gif

Like most celebrities, 44-year old Mariah Carey has had her fair share of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments to look as good as she does. Still, plastic surgery can’t even meet the impossibly high standards placed on Hollywood celebs.

The unedited version of these photos were obtained by Jezebel, granting you access to what superstar Mariah Carey really looks like, compared to what the media wants you to think she looks like.


Mariah Carey goes from looking like your normal, everyday beautiful woman, to a superstar with the detailed edits only an expert could achieve. Everything about the photo has been dramatically retouched. Volume added to Mariah’s hair, a tan splashed on her skin, creases and stretch marks removed, even her thighs have been toned up.

If you have every wondered why you don’t look as good as a celebrity, the answer is you do! You just don’t have a great Photoshop editor enhancing you into a super human with a few clicks of a mouse– sorry guys, basic Photoshop or paint skills are not going to cut it.

It’s easy to see how celebrities can get messed up in the head based on all of these body pressures. Imagine how stressful it is to go anywhere as yourself if you are used to people loving you for the photoshopped version of you.

Mariah Carey before and after Photoshop:
terry richardson mariah carey photoshop gif

Terry Richardson is known for creating images that look like they are “in the moment” instead of in the studio, for a more natural feel. Although what happened to these photos of Mariah Carey before they were published is anything but natural!

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