Footage Cut From Hit Plastic Surgery Show after Woman’s Bad Boob Job Made Even Worse By “Botched” Doctors


The show “Botched” is literally insane, it focuses on reconstructive surgery for men and women that have been left ‘botched’ by cosmetic surgeons in the past. Nicole Sander’s, who is transgendered, had her 5th boob job paid for by the show, and was filmed for an entire 2 months, but you won’t be able to see her story on the series!

Nicole Sanders after spending over $100,000 on plastic surgery and gender reassignment surgery:

Could it possibly be too crazy for E! Network standards? How could it be- all of the stories on this show are jaw dropping; including one woman that was numbed with ice in place of anesthesia before being cut open. While absolutely horrifying, all of the stories seem to come with a happy ending, as the reconstructive surgery provided by “Botched” doctors is a successful venture. This happy ending is exactly what Nicole Sanders claims missing from her scheduled slot on the show.

Nicole Sanders was born as Jason Torres, but Jason wanted to be Barbie instead. And so over the years Sanders has collected numerous plastic surgeries to look more and more like a female, and like a Barbie doll too. Her surgeries range to include sexual reassignment surgery, jaw surgery, lip filler injections, four nose jobs, chin and calf implants, one brow lift, several breast augmentations and much more.

Jason Torres then and Nicole Sanders now:

During her cosmetic surgery spree she fell victim to Brad Jacobs, a surgeon sued by many for botched plastic surgery work. Nicole Sanders was just one of his victims, he botched both her breasts and nose. Unfortunately, she wasn’t even able to sue the doctor responsible because he was soon after stripped of his license for taking drugs alongside patients.


Over the last 15 years Nichole has spent over $100,000 trying to achieve Barbie’s flawless features. On her Facebook page, Sanders admits she is happy that the show “Botched” gave her a free boob job, but she doesn’t think it was worth the pain and suffering she has since endured. She claims that the doctors gave her another bad boob job, and then decided not to air her story on the series after the results turned out poorly. She has since been evicted from her apartment because she was unable to work to make money due to the pain of the surgery and the time she spent filming the show.


“Botched” sounded like the perfect solution for Nicole Sanders, which is why she is angry that things have turned out so poorly for her.

The production team and some insiders that claim to know Nicole personally have a different take on the story. One reports, “Nicole is someone who has already had numerous procedures and was very difficult to work with on the show. She became more of a diva and a liability from the beginning of her involvement and was very demanding. I am sure she was cut due to how she acted, and treated people on the show, to be honest”. But then again, this is the same show that starred well-known diva Janice Dickinson, whose crazy antics on the show scored ratings gold for the reality show.


According to Sanders, celebrity plastic surgeons from “Botched”, Dr. Terry Debrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, don’t want to look bad after their attempt to fix her bad boob job failed. Of course, considering Sanders uploads You Tube videos with plastic surgery tips, this show could have really boosted her popularity—just another reason the Barbie-doll diva has a bone to pick with the producers at E!

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