Ellie Goulding Doesn’t Want You To Know That She Got Breast Implants


Ellie Goulding has been getting her fair share of fame-worthy credit, meaning the 27-year old has been working extra hard. In honor of her award winning lyrics, Ellie recently embarked on a well-deserved break. The singer was seen vacationing with friends off the port of Miami, aboard a luxury yacht. To be exact, the Never Say Never yacht. Yes, the same one Justin Bieber has rented in the past.


Ellie Goulding isn’t usually in the media for plastic surgery, but photos of her in Miami wearing a revealing black bikini have caused many to wonder if the star had plastic surgery before shipping off to vacay-land.

Ellie Goulding then and now:

Even better, with her breasts looking larger than ever, her one-piece bathing suit read: Sex on the Beach—how appropriate. Especially since she was also spotted frolicking in the waters with her semi-new boyfriend, Dougie Poynter from the band McBusted.

In certain photos it looks like the singer undeniably has gotten breast implants, her breasts appear unnaturally firm and very round, especially for someone with such little body fat.

No matter how logical breast implants seem looking at these photos, Ellie Goulding laughs the rumors off. And maybe she has good reason to, after all any woman can understand, sometimes your breasts just look larger! Ellie also tells curious fans, she blames being a couch potato lately on her added weight gain. Don’t we all wish that we could sit on the couch and stay the same size, but get larger, rounder breasts?

Ellie Goulding before and after growing couch potato boobs?
ellie goulding boob job plastic surgery

Ellie says, “I ran every day for seven months, maybe too obsessively, and when I stopped I became curvier.” She goes on to explain, “My boobs look bigger because my waist is smaller. People underestimate how you can shape your body. Since I stopped eating meat and fish, my body’s better than ever.”

Yet aside from her larger breasts, Ellie doesn’t exactly look very curvy, in fact she looks incredibly lean and toned. In pictures snapped the same day as the infamous “side boob” photos above, Ellie wore a palm-print halter top and cut off shorts that showed off her lean figure.


Still, Ellie claims that there is no way the rumor about breast implants are true, after all, she claims to be “petrified” of large breast implants.

Ellie admits her sudden fame fills her with anxiety, she is thankful for her Hollywood friends, such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, who help guide her through the drawbacks of fame. She still considers life full of “psychological chaos,” but she is getting better about it with time. Could the pressures of Hollywood drive Ellie to go under the knife? And could her anxieties keep her from being honest with her fans? Seems likely enough.

Ellie appears to be a real sweetheart, so while you want to believe her that her chest assets are 100% real—you can’t help but wonder if she’s gone under the knife after looking at before and after photos like these…

680_Ellie Goulding 1,London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 - TopShop Unique-9c680546887b12818eb4caf465cee770

ellie goulding breast implants plastic surgery

What do you think? Did Ellie Goulding get a boob job?

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