Katy Perry Admits That Bizarre Costumes Inspired By Societies Obsession with Plastic Celebrities


During Katy Perry’s Prismatic tour, fans were left scratching their heads after backup dancers dressed as big-bootied mummies took the stage to perform with the starlet. While many media outlets overanalyzed the display, and called Katy Perry a racist for dressing up her back up dancers as “hypersexualized caricatures of black women”, the reasoning behind the mummy costumes is actually much simpler…

Katy Perry and her big booty mummy backup dancers:
katy perry plastic surgery mummies

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Katy Perry reveals her inspiration behind the much talked about costumes, and the mummies, with their over-exhaggerated butts and breasts, simply represent our societal obsession with plastic surgery. Katy insists that it’s not a race thing and it has more to do with the new trend of looking completely over-the-top fake after having plastic surgery. Katy even drops a couple of names, when it came to explaining her stance, even though the women that she mentions, swear up and down that they’ve never had plastic surgery!

According to Katy:

As far as the mummy thing, I based it on plastic surgery. Look at someone like Kim Kardashian or Ice-T’s wife, Coco. Those girls aren’t African-American. But it’s actually a representation of our culture wanting to be plastic, and that’s why there’s bandages and it’s mummies. I thought that would really correlate well together. It came from an honest place. If there was any inkling of anything bad, then it wouldn’t be there, because I’m very sensitive to people.

Katy Perry isn’t the first artist to target Hollywood’s plastic surgery obsession either. Nor is she the only one that is taking flak for pointing out the obvious. Lily Allen also took some heat after releasing her popular video for “Hard out Here”, which opens with a scene depicting Lily having liposuction.

Lily Allen in “Hard Out Here” (NSFW):

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