Tulisa Skates on Drug Charges, Finally Admits to Plastic Surgery


Tulisa Constostavlos can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that she has been cleared of the serious drug charges that where brought against her…But, don’t expect her expression to change, thanks to the plastic surgery that she’s had done on her face!

tulisa make her way into court

After several denials, where Tulisa adamantly claimed that her new look was not the result of plastic surgery, the 26-year old singer has finally come clean and admitted to having lip and cheek augmentation procedures from a local plastic surgeon.

Tulisa Constostavlos before and after plastic surgery:
tulisa contostavlos plastic surgery face 2014

Although Tulisa formerly tried to pawn off her swollen lips, protruding cheekbones and waxen expression, on weight loss and different makeup techniques, she has just changed her tune and has confessed that her new look is indeed the result of plastic surgery…And she loves it!

In a new interview with The Mirror, Tulisa Constostavlos admits that plastic surgery is the real reason that her face looks so much different than before:

Yes, I’ve had my lips done, and I’m happy with my lips. And I also had a tiny bit of filler in my cheeks. Pictures of me where my face was swelling. I had water retention – where you have filler your face draws up a load of water. So my face began to swell like a balloon…So losing a stone, filler in my cheeks, my lips done and the contouring – and people do think, oh gosh, you so different.

So, what’s stranger: A women in her 20’s having multiple plastic surgeries on her face, or a women in her 20’s having plastic surgery on her face and wondering why people think she looks “so different”?

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