Plastic Surgery Saves 600-Pound Woman From A Sure Death


In our wild world of plastic surgery, people go under the knife to look better, feel more confident, and perhaps squeeze into that 2-piece bathing suit stuffed at the back of the closet. But sometimes surgery is far more necessary; in some cases surgery can save a life.

MY 600-LB LIFE 2

Meet Christina, one of the women featured on TLC’s reality show, My 600-lb Life. At the time of the show Christina was only 22-years old and she weighed 673 pounds. With her pretty, youthful face swollen, she admitted to camera crews, “I never thought I’d get this big.” At over 600 pounds leaving the house was next to impossible, she couldn’t drive a car, and she relied completely on her husband and mother for everything.

Consuming over 7,000 calories each day, Christina knew that if she continued to live life like this, she wouldn’t be around for much longer. Doctors warned her she had about 5 years left at her current pace. When given the opportunity to have gastric bypass surgery on TLC’s reality show, My 600 Pound Life, Christina jumped on board.


Gastric bypass includes tying off a section of the stomach so that the body can only handle eating normal portions of food. If a patient relapses and overeats, the stitches can rip, causing the surgery to be all for nothing. Just like with any other weight loss surgery, say for instance liposuction, going under the knife must be aided by hard work and dedication, otherwise the results won’t last.

This required a lot of dedication from both Christina and her family. Originally the clan lived in South Haven, Mississippi, but in order to have the surgery, everyone had to relocate to Texas for an entire year.

While at first Christina struggled to eat the low-calorie diet her doctor prescribed, her motivation to live a normal life pushed her to take control. She admits, “My family doesn’t realize how hard it is to watch them eat what I want.”

MY 600-LB LIFE 2

Her family has always been a large part of Christina’s weight problem, after all her mother and husband helped add each pound to her frame. Continually bringing her some of the unhealthiest foods, and in super size quantities. Feeding both her addiction and eventual death—if she hadn’t turned her life around.

Before Christina’s weight ballooned totally out of control she developed a lymphedema on her leg, this is a collection of fluid that causes swelling due to poor flow of the lymphatic system. Christina’s lymphedema swelled up so huge she lost most of her mobility, which only caused her to pack on more weight.

Not only did Dr. Nowzaradan perform gastric bypass, he also removed Christina’s lymphedema during a second surgery in order to increase her mobility and help further enhance her weight loss. In the future, Christina will need more surgery to remove excess skin, since after extreme weight loss stretched out skin can’t bounce back.

MY 600-LB LIFE 2

Not only did Christina need these surgeries to feel better about herself, but she also needed them to live. Without the surgeries performed by Dr. Nowzaradan, Christina might not have lived to see her 28th birthday. Thanks to the wonders of surgery, she gets a second chance at life!


Christina is incredibly motivated to keep up with her hard work and to continue shedding pounds. She looks forward to driving, running her own errands, attending nursing school, and simply living a normal, mobile life.

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