Iggy Azalea Had More Plastic Surgery – Check Out Her New Face!


Rapper Iggy Azalea performed with Rita Ora over the weekend and they rocked the Santa Monica pier in a free show sponsored by Pandora. Iggy performed in a crop top and a pair of skin tight pink pants that showcased her famous curves, but if you peel your eyes away from her donkey booty for a minute, you might notice that Iggy recently had more plastic surgery!

Iggy Azalea before and after:iggy azalea lip injections before after

Iggy is currently sporting a whole new set of lips thanks to some recent filler injections. Her extra plump pout was slathered in matching pink lipstick and she happily pouted for the paparazzi, showing off her latest surgically altered body part.

If you ask us, the new lips are a bit over the top and unnecessary, but it seems like Iggy just can’t stay away from plastic surgery as she needlessly tries to perfect her look. At 24-years old, Iggy has already undergone several plastic surgeries in her quest for fame and fortune.

Iggy Azalea in 2012, before having plastic surgery on her face:
iggy azalea before plastic surgery

Iggy first went under the knife in 2011, when she got her big ol’ fake booty, but more recently she seems focused on changing her face. Iggy appears to have had a nose job in 2012 and now she’s work, work, work, work, working on those lips…

Iggy Azalea then and now:
iggy azalea nose job rhinoplasty before and after

What do you think about Iggy’s plastic surgery transformation? Hopefully she quits while she is ahead and focuses more on her music. Trying to fit into the weird plastic surgery paradox that has become the entertainment industry, has ruined way too many pretty girls, before they are even out of their 20’s!

Iggy before and after plastic surgery. Too much, too soon?
iggy azalea lips plastic surgery

Iggy and her fake booty:
iggy azalea fake booty

And no, Iggy’s butt is not real either. Check out the pictures we dug up of Iggy before butt augmentation!


  • avatar MichelleQ says:

    So Nicki Minaj and Gwen Stefani had a baby and named her Iggy Azalea??

  • avatar :) says:

    Actually, I think the procedures have drastically improved her look. She looks much better now, I like the lips. not sure about the nose job, if it was done, it was very subtle.

  • avatar ShaneyJones says:

    With money and fame comes destruction for most so-called stars. Iggy could have learned something from Nicki Minaj. Her butt shifted on stage the other day. All that silicone filled butt is a health hazard…but I guess they’re going to have to learn!

  • avatar anoniem says:

    I hate these kind of procedures but that is just my opinion.
    on the other hand it seems that in her case it actually improved her looks big time and i think she is beautiful now while at first i never tought of her as a beauty. Just to be honest

  • avatar ... says:

    she kinda looks like east asian mixed in roots

  • avatar SquatsForLife says:

    She didn’t get butt implants. It’s called squats. Maybe some people should try it sometime, instead of blaming everything on surgery. I’m not disagreeing that she might have had a nose job, but other than that she doesn’t seem to have gotten anything else done.

    • avatar Anonymustard says:

      Don’t be so naive, dear. Squats SHAPE your butt–they don’t add VOLUME to your butt. Squats can give you a nice rounded butt, but they don’t give you that much volume. Not THAT much ass volume. Iggy has the ass of a black girl, which, coming from her upper-middle-class white Australian background, just didn’t suddenly come from some mere squats in a few years. Make no mistake–she’s just like most other famous white women in Hollywood: Want the body of a black woman, without the genes or lifestyle of a black woman. It’s very easy and very common.

    • avatar becky says:

      She actually admitted it was fake in an interview.

  • avatar Stephanie says:

    I think that the 2011 photo which looks like a pic from her video “Work” looks better than the 2014 photo that was the Iggy I fell in love with she looked real in that video and since she was smaller on top I believed that her butt was real…I mean I’m a white girl and I got me a big booty…I guess I see why she had some work done but I had more respect for her when I thought she didn’t a good role model for girls you know she was pretty and small breasts but she was still gorgeous, I see why she got her boobs done and she looks amazing still like the 2011 face and I was hoping she wouldn’t play into the hype..it’s sad to say that the Iggy I fell in love with was the one who had the raw lines and a body I believed was hers she was able to spit on her mix tapes now she is to commercialized and it takes that edge off her rhymes that made me a fan in the first place..Iggy you are gorgeous but more then that and where are those raw hungry lyrics that people can relate to I’m not that fancy I like the old Iggy come back please and remember you are gorgeous and have to be happy with yourself!

  • avatar Erica says:

    She looks wonderful it’s 2015 like how many asses it titts u c that’s fake Nikki had pleanty of work but no one complains ABT here in she talks abt Her ass in shake it a lot so what

  • avatar Anna says:

    I wouldn’t call her white – she’s clearly from eastern europe or asia but her face just ain’t white.

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