Botched Doctors Perform Major Plastic Surgery While Patient Is Still Awake


I am completely addicted to Botched on E! The show features some incredibly unique characters that have undergone hell and back to be “perfect.” Although instead of ending up perfect, these plastic surgery patients ended up botched. Thanks to Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif many people are getting a second chance to improve their ‘botched’ appearance.


This week we met a woman named Christina that had a botched tummy tuck and required some major help from the doctors. What makes Christina’s case so unique is that she is terrified of going under the knife, more so than your average patient. In fact, in the past she has had major panic attacks both before and after surgery. It doesn’t help at all that her last plastic surgery went bad.

When you first hear that an E! Botched episode revolves around a patient that is awake during surgery, you instantly assume that was in the past, and that on the show she will be put to sleep during their ordeal. Think again, on this Botched episode, a patient is actually kept wide-awake during her procedure.

Anyone who has ever had a panic attack knows how debilitating it can be; therefore the doctors did everything in their power to keep Christina calm and free from panic attacks. This included keeping Christina awake during surgery. While this seems more panic inducing to me, I’m no professional surgeon—or panic-disorder expert. Christina actually felt less anxious about staying awake than being put under anesthesia.

Christina is a pretty woman, but after having a botched tummy tuck, just after going through a divorce, her confidence took a major hit. Especially since her x-husband is already remarried to a woman that Christina describe as “always running around in her skinny clothes.” Not that Christina is big by any means; she originally underwent a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin she acquired after being pregnant multiple times. Instead of getting back her flat tummy, her first doctor gave her what Christina refers to as a “SpongeBob body.” Now, too embarrassed by her looks to date much, Christina needs help from the doctors on Botched.

Her procedure included liposuction to tighten up her belly, reshaping her belly button, and a scar revision that included fixing up her original botched incision so that it was below her bikini line. Dr. Terry Dubrow also paid close attention to the masses in her stomach, which were caused from old scars that became infected. All of this went down while Christina was awake.


Of course, drugs were used to numb Christina as well as make her sleepy. Still, without full anesthesia, the doctors start cutting and simultaneously talking to Christina. Due to her anxiety, and just being a normal human, every small bit of pressure caused her to yelp out in pain, but as she realized that she couldn’t really feel her stomach being cut open, she began to quiet down some.

Thankfully, during Christina’s procedure she at least couldn’t see what was going on, as a big blue screen was held up between her neck and lower body. Still, she knew what the doctors were doing, and I just can’t imagine being awake for that.

Dr. Terry Dubrow is incredible; not only is he 100% hilarious, but he is one talented plastic surgeon as well. Although if he told me he wanted to perform surgery while I was awake, I’d likely hit the Hollywood hills running!

Watch Christina get a tummy tuck while being awake:

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