$75,000 Breast Implants Seized in Spain


Those Colombian drug lords really know how to party! Cocaine + boobs = fun, but what about boobs actually made of cocaine!? That may sound like Charlie Sheen’s ultimate wet dream, but cocaine stuffed breast implants are actually becoming a thing, when it comes to smuggling drugs across borders.

A women traveling from Colombia to Spain was busted at the Madrid airport with nearly 4lbs of cocaine stuffed into her “breast implants”.

Cocaine stuffed breast implants, confiscated in Madrid:
cocaine breast implants

Narcotics agents at the Madrid airport were conducting routine screenings of passengers, when they narrowed their search to a Venezuelan woman, who was traveling from Columbia to Spain. Upon questioning, the woman reportedly became extremely nervous and after a secondary pat-down by airport security, the woman confessed that the deformities detected in her breasts was due to the fact that her breast implants were stuffed with 3.7 pounds of cocaine. FYI, that much cocaine currently holds a street value of $75,000!

Upon her confession, the woman was taken to a nearby hospital, where her cocaine-filled breast implants where removed, and tested positive for cocaine. She is currently being detained by police and is being charged in Spain for “an alleged crime against public health”.

Other women have been busted in similar circumstances, which have raised the question of how to combat drug-smuggling via implants. Spain has a task unit that focuses on passengers traveling to and from countries with a history of drug production. The USA does not have such a task force, and has never caught anyone trying to smuggle drugs via surgical implants.

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