Brazilian Man has Surgery to Mimic Michael Jackson’s Bad Plastic Surgery?


Antonio Gleidson Rodrigues is no normal 32-year old living in Brazil! Antonio has now bleached his skin to further resemble the iconic superstar legend, Michael Jackson. Antonio imitates the King of Pop for a living, referring to himself as the number one Michael Jackson impersonator in all of Brazil.

Antonio before and after skin bleaching treatments:

He has definitely worked harder than anyone to achieve his self-given tittle. Every day he spends over 4-hours practicing and perfecting his dance moves to be more like Michael—which is no easy feat, anyone care to moon walk? It’s not easy, I’ve tried many times! Antonio also spends 1-½ hours applying his Michael-ready makeup each day.


Antonio dedicates a massive amount of time to his image, but he has also gone through painful and potentially life-altering surgeries in order to get his look just right.

Antonio was once a humble drama teacher, but after his students suggested he looked like a pop star, he decided he might as well become the next Michael Jackson, literally.

Antonio Rodrigues as Michael Jackson:

5-years ago, Antonio underwent his first cosmetic surgery which included adjusting his nasal septum, not for medical concerns but because he wanted to reach higher notes when singing—you know, like Michael. Since this procedure his obsession has grown alongside his transforming appearance.

In an effort to be more like Michael, Antonio has gotten rhinoplasty. As of now his nose still looks completely intact, but I can’t help but wonder what his ultimate ‘nose’ goal will be. After all, Antonio is clearly not going for the ‘natural’ Michael Jackson, instead he has has cosmetic surgeries and bleached his skin in order to look more like the pop star after his controversial plastic surgeries and procedures.

In order to bleach his skin, Antonio had hyaluronic acid injected into his face—sounds safe enough right? He also had the gap between his front teeth fixed, his eyebrows tattooed, oh and he regularly gets Botox injections under his eyes.

But Antonio isn’t finished yet! He hopes someday to afford other surgeries like removing the wrinkles in his cheekbones and along his mouth, as well as putting more arch into his tattooed eyebrows.

Maria Doriane Bastos de Souza, Antonio’s aunt, is worried about her nephew and his obsession with everything Michael. In fact she tells reporters, “I worry for his health—I want him to come downstairs and eat a sandwich.” She also worries that one of his many surgeries will not go as planned.

Antonio pictured with his concerned Aunt:1407245378933_wps_3_EXCLUSIVE_FORTALEZA_BRAZI

Antonio was devastated by the news of Michael Jackson’s death, which seems to have fueled his transformation into the superstar even further. He considers all of the time that he puts into his impersonating the best gift he can give to his idol, the late Michael Jackson. Antonio says, “In my opinion, to lose that man—the greatest artist of all times—is a real tragedy for the world. There will never be another one like him- but I can try my best!”


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