The Hand Lift: New Plastic Surgery People Obsessed With Selfies Are Getting


Tummy tuck, breast implants… what about a hand lift?


Selfies are changing the world, including the type of plastic surgery that people are getting. One social media rule in particular orders that after you get engaged you HAVE to post a picture of your ring on your finger. So what happens when that coveted moment arrives and you realize your hand isn’t as photogenic as the rest of you?

Kim Kardashian admits it takes over 10 selfies to get a shot that actually looks good, but for some women, no matter how many times they take, and re-take, a photo of their hand they hate the way it looks.

Before and after cosmetic hand surgery, which selfie are you most likely to “like”?

Meet Christa Hendershot, a recently engaged 33-year old who wanted to participate in the ‘snap and share’ engagement ring phenomena. Yet when she went to post, she decided she needed cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance of her hands before posting a photo of her new diamond ring. Hendershot paid a reported $3,000 to have her hands fixed so that they did not show so many red veins.

Hendershot isn’t the only woman to undergo hand surgery to improve her hand selfie. Other women are making the same requests of their plastic surgeon, but for their own sets of reasons. For instance, one common request is to make hands appear more feminine.


As their name suggests, “selfies” are making us all more “self aware.” Especially when it comes to appearances, the first thing anyone notices about a photo. As a result, doctors across the globe are seeing patients that have developed body image concerns because of a selfie. ABC News interviewed New York doctor, Dr. Ariel Ostad about his experiences with patients since the selfie movement kicked off. He says, “I’ve noticed over the last six months patients actually bring a selfie in the examining room. They show me what bothers them and what they would like to fix.”

Would you consider getting plastic surgery on your hands? Plastic surgery obsessed celebrities such as Madonna and Kim Kardashian have reportedly had hand lifts to make their hands appear younger, and hey, the procedure is cheaper than many other forms of cosmetic alterations. How important is the appearance your hands?

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  • avatar Cat says:

    What’s wrong with just using a little make-up if you’re that worried about a photo of your hands? The ‘after’ photo above, looks like her hand is swollen – not a good look. Seriously though, how vain are people now?

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