Botched Doctors Try To Fix Up Woman With Over a Gallon Of Liquid Silicon Injected Into Her Body


Monique Allen is described by her friends as having a big heart, but that’s not the only thing big about the transgendered pop star! She also has really big boobs, a 38 triple F rack to be exact, huge lips and big problems when it comes to her botched plastic surgery. Born a male, Monique surprised no one when at 18 she declared she wanted a sex change. Her parents even agreed to pay for the gender reassignment surgery, after which Monique become completely obsessed with plastic surgery.


After getting a college degree in criminal justice, Monique got a completely ordinary day job as a corrections officer. While management insisted she keep her look and personality toned down around the office, Monique lived a wild lifestyle as soon as she punched out for the day.


She says back in her younger years she started going out a lot, hanging out with a crowd that regularly frequented the offices of plastic surgeons around Los Angeles. She says these friendships and wild nightlife not only fueled her obsession for perfection, but they got her into contact with a producer she began making music with. Her videos have always been very low budget though, and just recently Monique was asked to do a “proper music video” for her song, Glamorous Monique.

While excited about the opportunity, Monique was incredibly concerned about her appearance, mostly because of her ears and saggy, silicon-rippled skin. Back when she was 29-years old she had her first face lift by a surgeon that unintentionally gave her pixie ears. And as for the lumpy, rippled skin, she can blame an overload of silicon injections. Monique has had over a gallon of silicone injected all throughout her body–from her butt to her face to her belly.

Over time this silicone has traveled to different parts of her body, causing Monique a lot of health problems, as well as many surgeries to remove silicone and reconstruct areas it left damaged. In total, Monique has undergone more than 200 surgeries over the last 35 years, many just because of silicone related issues.

When she first visited the doctors on Botched, I really thought they were going to say no to her. But both of the doctors readily agreed to work on the tightly pulled, and heavily injected Monique. Dr. Paul Nassif agrees to take on Monique’s ears and Dr. Terry Dubrow agrees to bring a new and much tighter look to her stomach.

The biggest concern for both doctors is the free-floating silicone all inside of Monique’s body. Dr. Dubrow runs into a massive portion of silicone while performing surgery on her stomach. He admits this complicates the procedure by a lot, making it a 9 out of 10 as far as difficulty is concerned. He also says that when a patient has silicone leaking in their body, it gets everywhere, even leaving the hospital operating room sticky for days. Thankfully, all goes well and both Monique’s ears and stomach look better than ever—as per usual thanks to Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif!

Monique before and after having her ears fixed, after they were pulled too tight in a botched facelift:

Things go so well that when Dr. Nassif checks up on Monique’s progress only a day after surgery, he can’t believe that she has practically no bruising on her ears. She also appears happy and calm as a cucumber, saying her ears hardly hurt at all. Dr. Nassif chalks it up to the fact Monique has undergone so many surgeries that her body is now ultra proficient at healing itself.

Monique before and after liposuction and a tummy tuck:

With the pop star finally feeling 100% confident, she was ready to shoot her most professional music video ever. In which she wears a crop top that says “Busted” and mostly just sort of sings, “sock it to me daddy.” Still, watching those giant boobs jiggle up and down is weirdly entertaining.

Check out a clip of the music video for yourself on E! Online

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