The Cinderella Boob Job: Breast Enlargement That Lasts Just 24 Hours


Remember back in the olden days, when you would buy a pushup bra for special occasions, or a padded bikini whenever you felt like flaunting a little extra cleavage at the beach? Well, thankfully us women can now ditch those bothersome old-fashioned bras and chicken cutlets, and inject stuff directly into our breasts!

That’s right ladies, the latest plastic surgery fad is the temporary boob job. For $3,500, a plastic surgeon will inject your breasts with a saline solution, which will temporarily inflate your breasts. In approximately 24 hours, the saline solution is safely metabolized by your body and your breasts shrink back to their original size.

Just like Cinderella’s fancy clothing disappearing at midnight, so will your fancy new boobs…
cinderella boob job temporary breast enlargement

Originally, this temporary breast enlargement procedure was used on patients that were considering a traditional breast augmentation with implants, who wanted to test-drive different breast sizes before committing to surgery. Soon enough, word got out and the temporary breast enlargement procedure was being requested for special occasions, such as weddings and vacations.

One New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe, has been performing the temporary breast enlargement procedure for 5 years now, and is currently doing 3 – 5 per week. But, while Dr. Rowe is happy to rake in $56,000 per month injecting saline into breasts, not many other doctors think that this temporary breast enhancement is worth it. President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Michael C. Edwards, claims that while he doesn’t see any harm in the procedure, his concern is that these saline injections will stretch out the breast tissue, leaving you with breasts that sag more after the saline is absorbed into the body.

What do you think of the “Cinderella Boob Job”? Worth it or worthless?

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