Caricature Drawing Pushed This Woman To Spend $200K on Plastic Surgery


At only 15-years old Krystina Butel went on holiday in Ibiza, and just like any good tourist she had her caricature drawing done. The outcome of a typical caricature drawing is cute and funny, but not exactly your goal look considering select features are drawn out of proportion. But the moment Krystina saw her caricature she loved everything about it, deciding right then that she wanted to look just like her cartoon-self forever.


15 years later, at 30 years old Krystina is on the same pursuit to look just like her caricature drawing, which is still safe in her possession. As of now she has spent $200,000 on 5 boob jobs, lip injections, Botox, teeth whitening, and semi-permanent makeup. And as if her ginormous 36H breasts are not large enough to draw attention on their own, each boulder includes a heart-shaped nipple!

At only 15, Krystina admits she was a bit shocked when she first saw her racy caricature drawing, especially because her friend’s picture, drawn just before, turned into a perfectly normal caricature. So when the artist drew Krystina topless, she thought ‘weird,’ but only for a moment before instantly falling in love with it. Today, Krystina still treasures this caricature and considers it responsible for shaping her into the woman she has become, a fact no one can deny.

Krystina pictured as a cute little girl below:

As an insecure teen, looking at that caricature drawing made Krystina envious, she wanted to look as pretty, and voluptuous. At the time she didn’t know how she would be able to make it a reality, but she started small, visiting tanning beds, wearing more makeup, and even getting a job to start saving for a boob job. She says she looked at the drawing as if, “It was like she was holding the carrot out to me, showing me what I could be.”


Her new appearance helped her score the current love of her life, a man named David, and appears to give her the confidence every woman deserves. But it’s not all cartoon rainbows, hearts, and flowers. Krystina does draw stares when she walks down the street, some people laugh or make rude comments her ears are not deaf to. But Krystina is adamant that she doesn’t care and won’t let it get her down, “The girl in the caricature is like who I am now. She’s confident and happy. She doesn’t care about what other people think and she doesn’t need to go with the crowd.”

The two lingering questions I still have—why doesn’t she have blonde hair? And, does the artist responsible for this risqué caricature know how much Krystina loves his work? Bet he or she would be pretty honored to know someone has paid over $200,000 trying to imitate their $20 drawing.


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