Iconic Comedienne Joan Rivers Dies After Surgery Gone Wrong


Well folks, that’s a wrap for Joan Rivers. The iconic comedienne passed away today at the age of 81, a week after her heart stopped beating on the operating table.

Joan Rivers pictured in April 2014:
joan rivers dead 2014

Last week Joan was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest while she was having surgery on her throat. She was put on life support and listed in critical condition, but her prognosis was clearly grim as Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, made the decision to take her mother off of life support today and she passed away shortly thereafter.

The type of surgery that Joan was undergoing at the time that she stopped breathing on her own, was described as a “throat procedure…on her vocal cords”, and was being performed at Yorkville Endoscopy.

Joan Rivers through the years:


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