“Biggest Loser” Host Gets More Lipo, But Not Before Inhaling a Fatty Breakfast!


Ajay Rochester is pretty excited about her latest round of plastic surgery! The 45-year old former host of “The Biggest Loser” Australia, was all smiles as she posed with the 1.5 liters of fat that was just sucked out of her chin and arms by a plastic surgeon.

Ajay Rochester, her plastic surgeron and the fat that he sucked out of her:
ajay rochester liposuction 2014Picture: TMZ

Ajay traveled to California to have her latest round of plastic surgery performed. This time, the well-known yo-yo dieter decided to undergo liposuction on her chin and arms and had the procedure performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Aaron Rollins. But, before heading to the clinic to have the liposuction procedure performed, Ajay filmed herself sloppily devouring her gluttonous breakfast of eggs over easy, bacon and hashbrown potatoes crammed into a huge sandwich, commenting:

Oh yeah. Oh this is better than sex. This is like my dream. To eat like this, then get it sucked out of your butt the very same day. That would just be Utopia.

Watch Ajay hungrily devour 1000+ calories immediately before having liposuction surgery:

Ajay gets marked up by her plastic surgeon before having liposuction:
ajay rochester plastic surgery 2014

Clearly, Ajay Rochester is suffering from a serious addiction to food, and her weigh battle has been well documented over the years. After her four year stint hosting the Australian version of the popular weight loss show “The Biggest Loser”, came to an end in 2009, Ajay gained more than 100lbs and her life-long weight struggle continued.

While Ajay has joked about her unhealthy lifestyle in the past, she does realize that her eating habits are slowly killing her. In an interview just last year, she admitted that her usual breakfast is enough to feed three people and that after consuming all of that food, “I just lie down all day because I can’t move because my arteries are so clogged. And then I drive past Carl’s and get a burger and fries. I’m laughing about it. But it’s really serious because I am eating myself to death“, admits the mother of one.

Ajay Rochester through the years:

This is also not Ajay’s first time going under the knife and she admittedly had liposuction, a tummy tuck and a breast lift in 2010. She also wants to have an expensive full-body lift and skin removal, which is a popular procedure for people that have lost major amounts of weight.

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