Jwoww Is Getting Bigger Implants, Posts Makeup Free Selfie To Prove Something.


Jenni J’woww’ Farley has been busy working to promote her newly released horror/comedy film titled, Jersey Shore Massacre. Jenni acts in the film, and she also helped direct it. But there is one thing about Jenni everyone seems to be talking about more than her film and the horrible reviews it’s been collecting since its release on August 19th. Instead, it’s her appearance that has the media snapping photos and making guesses.

Since Season 1 on the Jersey Shore, Jenni J’woww’ sure looks different…

After just recently giving birth to her first daughter, Jenni is looking pretty good, so what is the new mommy doing? Radar Online recently spread a rumor that Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley got a face-full of plastic surgery—but Jenni was quick to snap back.

Immediately after the rumor went viral, Jenni posted a barefaced selfie on Instagram, denying the rumors were true. The 28-year-old added a caption along with her pic:

“Very flattered radar online that u think I had all that work done but I’m just a plain Jane mom with wrinkles without makeup…But kudos to u and ur site, awesome material…Very riveting.”


Jenni may or may not have had any major work done recently, but she definitely undergoes plenty of non-invasive cosmetic treatments. She admits visiting a doctor recommended by her girlfriends from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, to get microderms and skin tightening. She doesn’t say no to Botox either, getting a fair share of the injectable fillers to ward off wrinkles.

Jenni out and about with her new baby girl in arms. article-2732231-20B88A3400000578-631_306x582

She isn’t afraid to get some plastic surgery to enhance her look, but she will only go so far. She told People in an interview, “I would do anything if it makes me feel good…(but) I don’t like touching my face only because I’m always scared you can never go back. All of those nose jobs and cheek implants and stuff like that, people get those and can never go back to what they were.”

Then and woww….

Boobs are not off limits though. Currently Jenni has size 34F implants, which sound pretty massive but apparently the reality star doesn’t think they are big enough. This fall, after she attends her co-star Snooki’s wedding, she plans to go under the knife and have her boobs made bigger. Despite what any normal person might be thinking about this decision, Jenni tries to reassure worries saying, “I’ll stop before I get to the balloon stage. I’m just wondering what she considers the “balloon stage”—a 34H?

Jenni Farley and her gigantic breast implants, which are apparently not gigantic enough for her anymore…
Jenni Farley Jwoww plastic surgery bigger breast implants 2014

What do you think, is she still Jenni from the block?

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