Paris Hilton Caught Photoshopping Her Social Media Photos


Apparently Paris Hilton thinks she’s a big fat pig, and feels the need to photoshop her social media photos. Paris posted photos to her Instagram and Twitter accounts from her trip to Ibiza, that are obviously photoshopped to make the super-skinny socialite appear even thinner.

Paris Hilton before and after photoshop to make her waistline impossibly skinny:
paris hilton photoshop before and after 2014

In the photo that Paris posted to her Instagram page, she is posing on her balcony in Ibiza, wearing a white daisy bikini and a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. She’s also rocking an impossibly small waist, that looks suspiciously photoshopped. When compared to candid photos of Paris from the dame day, and wearing the same bikini, it’s totally obvious that she photoshopped the picture that she posted to Instagram.

But Paris didn’t stop there! She posted another photo to her Twitter account that is also poorly Photoshopped. In the photo that Paris posted to Twitter, she is wearing the same bikini, but decided to strike a different pose for her Twitter followers. In the Twitter photo, Paris again pushed in her waistline with the help of a Photoshop app, but she failed to see where the pole she was leaning against became bowed and distorted, which is a common rookie Photoshop mistake…

Paris posted this Photoshopped bikini photo to her Twitter account:paris hilton caught photoshop social media

Paris certainly isn’t the first celebrity to use Photoshop on their social media photos, and the 33-year old socialite is simply following in the Photoshopped footsteps of fellow rabid attention whores like Kim Kardashian and Aubrey O’day. Clearly, the employment advertisement for Paris Hilton’s next assistant will include, “Photoshop experience required”…

Paris Hilton before and after Photoshop:
paris hilton photoshop twitter before and after

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